5-Point Guide Choose a 3rd Party Onboarding Solution

5-Point Guide: Choose a 3rd Party Onboarding Solution

Ever experienced difficulties evaluating an onboarding solution for individuals, agencies, or third-party businesses? Do they all look the same, making it difficult for you to identify the best? If the answer to all the questions is yes, you have landed in the right place.

We have collated a step by step guide and a checklist to help you choose the best onboarding solution for your business.

Before making a purchase decision, businesses go through a series of approvals. The general process flow starts from requirement gathering, then comes solution consideration, and the final step is evaluation.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Solution Consideration
  • Evaluation

Business owners must understand and prioritize their requirements before getting into the evaluation stage. This article will take you through the step-by-step process, address all challenges at each stage, and help you find the right solution for your business.

Problem Areas Every Onboarding Solution Must Address

No matter if you are onboarding a vendor or business partner, every onboarding journey has its own set of challenges. We have identified these challenges into three broad categories.

  1. Onboarding Hassles
  2. Risk and Compliance
  3. Scalability

Let’s do a deep dive to understand how the right solution can help businesses overcome these challenges and enable end-to-end seamless and compliant onboarding journeys:

5 points to consider while considering an onboarding solution for your business


1. Communication process flow and Manual Hassles

Challenges: While you are at the planning stage, understand the channels your partners are most comfortable with. What are the alternate mediums you can employ in unforeseen situations? Last but not least, how much of it requires your manual efforts?

Solutions: Many softwares provide DIY Journeys to enable you with automated rolling out invitations to onboard, collect documents with signatures, and store them in a digital repository.


2. Identity checks and Information Insufficiencies

Challenges: There are times when the information provided by the partners is incomplete or they do not have the required documents in place – causing a substantial impact on your plan of scaling fast. So before choosing an onboarding solution, evaluate how well it is suited to vet these processes even before they occur? Does it allow you to choose mandatory, optional, and alternative fields while creating your onboarding workflows?

Solutions: It is imperative to have a comprehensive onboarding solution to conduct identity checks and make complex journeys seamless with the levels of checks we can put in place. The sensitivity of the information and its impact on business adds up to the risk involved in the process. One can choose from various online and offline modes of verification. Online modes always have an edge over offline modes as they reduce unnecessary costs and validate the information with minimum TATs. AI-backed machine learning programs with proprietary database checks have seen higher adoption trends because they are comprehensive and easy to use. Look closely at all the options available in the solution and compare them with your requirements.


3. Third Party Risk and Compliance

Challenges: You are in a difficult position when you have relevant documents/information but unable to validate its authenticity. Are there certain compliance requirements you have? How can you prevent regulatory, reputational, and financial risks associated with third-party onboarding?

Solutions: Businesses need a single platform to conduct identity and background checks and validate the information against publicly available information or credible national data sources. Manual verification at a scale increases the turnaround time, makes the process tedious, and costs a lot of manhours. Compliance is a differentiating factor among different solutions. Regulatory requirements may vary from industry to industry as defined by the law of the land.


4. Future proof Scalability

Challenges: Is the solution in consideration future proof? What if, in the future, you want to scale as the demand spikes but face technical challenges? What if this leads to a bad customer experience and ultimately results in a loss in revenue?

Solutions: Doing a quick demand estimation and looking at the client portfolio of the solution can help you understand your needs and make an informed decision. Cloud-based solutions are preferred as they enable you to facilitate onboarding at scale at a lower cost, and ensure scalability on the go while improving the service quality.


5. Latest Technology Stack, APIs, and Integration Options

Challenges: It is momentous to consider tech stack, and integrability options otherwise this might deter your operations in the long run. There are chances that you will face challenges while passing down the information from the platform to your in-house ERP or MIS software. Your system also might face challenges while interacting with the platform if the APIs are not standardized.

Solutions: Consider the opinion of your product team before making a final decision on the solution you are planning to use. Make sure you have a clear view of your future scalability needs and potential integrations that you might need in the present as well as future. It is always recommended to opt for technical assistance from vendors while adopting a new solution.


Considering the above points and scoring all the options will help you make a wise choice.

For more information, let our solution specialists help you over a free strategy call. Email us at sales@authbridge.com

Is Your Real Money Gaming Business Covered Against Risks From These Top 6 Types of Frauds

Is Your Real Money Gaming Business Covered Against Risks From These Top 6 Types of Frauds

Real Money Gaming in India

The journey of online real money gaming has been promising as the growth trajectory is only going upwards – especially after Covid-19. The repeated mandated lockdowns pushed more players across the world to play online real money games and cash in on some massive winnings. As per the All India Gaming Federation – The Online Gaming in India – The GST Conundrum’ report, the online real money players are expected to grow from 80 million in 2020 to 150 million by 2023.

Despite the RMG space growing at a head-spinning pace, it is a highly unregulated industry in India. Factors like industry moving from brick-and-mortar casinos to online space, easy accessibility, growing networking capabilities, integration of cloud, mobile apps, and social networks are appealing not only to the gamers but also to the fraudsters. 

As the space is unregulated, it is a breeding ground for bad actors who can cause reputational, financial, and regulatory risks to the business. Online gaming operators need a robust KYC framework to protect themselves from sophisticated and fraudulent attacks.


Most Common Types of Frauds in Real Money Gaming

The real money gaming segment is divided into two categories i.e. Fantasy Sports and Online Card Games. Both categories lack strict KYC checks, overlook regulatory guidelines as platforms allow relative anonymity to increase the player traffic. This leads to various types of frauds that impact the reputational, regulatory, and financial aspects of the businesses. Below mentioned are some of the common frauds in real money gaming:

Multi Accounting: Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited in real money gaming. Many users create multiple accounts under different names to claim sign-up or welcome bonuses offered by the platform (only meant for the new users). This impacts the monetary health of online gaming businesses but also makes them lose the trust of the player community. Fraudsters creating multiple accounts lead to ‘bonus abuse’ and ‘collusive play’, making genuine players feel that the game is rigged and switch to other platforms. It is important to conduct identity checks with technologies like biometric identification, OCR, video KYC, etc., and ensure that every player account is genuine and unique.

Affiliate Fraud: Affiliate fraud is a consequence of multi-accounting as discussed above. Many real money sites/platforms offer referral bonuses to the users to invite other players to start playing. To make illicit profits, fraudsters sign-up the the referral programs, use stolen IDs and credit cards (purchased from the dark web) to make conversions, and automate the process at scale via bots mimicking human behaviour. Bad actors can create multiple accounts using stolen IDs and avail affiliate benefits, ultimately sending junk traffic to your platform, and ruining marketing budgets with no ROI.

Chargeback Frauds: This fraud is common not only in online gaming, but across all online businesses. It happens when a user makes transactions using stolen credentials for malicious reasons. Once the bank detects an illegitimate transaction, the business has to bear the consequences of chargebacks and fines. This puts the company’s time and resources in dire straits.

Underage Playing: Underage gaming is strictly prohibited in games with stakes. The lack of appropriate checks for age verification might lead to reputational and regulatory risks for gaming operators. Businesses must ensure that their platforms are only accessible to age-appropriate users and restrict minors (users below the age of 18) from getting unlawful access to age-restricted content.

Money Laundering: As stakes are involved, criminals can use these platforms to conceal illegal gains and make profits out of it. It is crucial to assess money laundering risks to prevent financial crime, track suspicious transactions, and ensure the winning amount is transferred to verified accounts only.

Location Spoofing: People play real money games from different parts of the world – resulting in a high volume of cross-border traffic. It becomes a challenging task for the business to stay aligned with geographic jurisdiction requirements and verify players’ location. Many users disguise their location to infringe regional restrictions, which means taking businesses on the wrong side of the law. It is crucial to adhere to the respective state laws and discourage users from using the platform from a banned state.


Recent Global Gaming Fraud Trends

Synthetic/Stolen IDs:

The fastest-growing type of fraud that is utilised to bypass KYC checks. The rise of the dark web and major data breaches have made it easy for fraudsters to gain access to personally identifiable information. They purchase or steal the IDs on the dark web and forge them convincingly. These alterations are hard to detect and appear genuine. Due to this reason, cutting-edge authentication technology is required to match the face on the ID document and prevent a stolen or altered ID from passing the checks.

Deepfakes for Video Verification:

Deepfake technology is used in synthetic media to create false content, replace or synthesize faces, speech, and manipulate emotions. Fraudsters have been using this technological innovation to dodge the KYC process. This means it is just not enough to have a video verification system in place. A combination of AI-powered technology along with manual identification is needed to validate the legitimacy of the users.

Safeguarding a real-money gaming business from money launderers and cybercriminals is way more complicated than it seems. A robust authentication and identification process should be in place to recognize red flags, verify bank account details, and background checks to validate the legitimacy of funds used in games. Though businesses can evaluate user information with proof of identification like an Aadhaar Card, driving license, etc, it is also recommended to conduct criminal checks to safeguard your platform and stay compliant.


How AuthBridge’s Fraud Prevention Solutions Mitigates Risks?

1. Risk Rules and Checklist: Gaming companies can get benefitted from a gamut of checks such as age verification, address checks, IP, and KYC/AML checks to verify the user identities. Our AI-backed technologies such as Biometric Identification, Optical Character Recognition, Digital Address Verification, Database-Driven Document Verification, and Bank Account Checks help businesses onboard ‘genuine users’ at scale that automatically gets translated to a great onboarding experience.

a. Biometric Identification: Biometric identification technology matches a player to their documents through an image-based face match and validates that a player accessing the platform is the same one who registered in the first place.

b. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): OCR technology catches document forgery and tampering easily, sieves fake applications from the real ones, and enables ease of onboarding with automated data capturing. This results in a seamless player onboarding experience and lower account abandonment rates.

c. Digital Address Verification: Digital Address Verification captures the location of a user through geo-coordinates and helps in preventing location spoofing – allowing gaming businesses to stay compliant.

d. Database-Driven Document Verification: NID verification against PAN or Aadhaar databases allows for quick verification of documents, establishing the identity of a player in real-time.

e. Bank Account Verification: Validation of bank details is crucial to prevent money laundering and financial crimes. Our API-based penny drop method validates bank details along with the beneficiary’s name.

2. Risk Scoring: With AuthBridge, you get updated on the risk score of a user based on the checks executed. As per the scorecard, you can decide whether to onboard a particular user or not.

3. Real-Time Verification: Video KYC journey combined with state-of-the-art technologies for document tampering, liveness check, and real-time verification of users at scale for fastest onboarding – in 2 minutes or even less.


AuthBridge’s Cutting-Edge Authentication Solutions

Online real money gaming is a burgeoning sector, but the lack of the right authentication technology still restrains the high potential. Leveraging AuthBridge’s AI-powered solutions help gaming companies identify bad actors and aggregate data across various sources not limited to criminal background checks.

1) OnboardX: OnboardX is AuthBridge’s onboarding engine to create customisable end-to-end onboarding journeys for users. This API-led intuitive application is easily integrable, facilitates real-time verification, and ensures only relevant documents are collected for businesses to stay compliant with the legal and regulatory mandates. It makes identity verification and onboarding journeys completely digital and paperless, saving your onboarding time and operational costs.

2) TruthScreen: TruthScreen is AuthBridge’s AI-enabled KYC and risk profiling product that delivers data-based insights of the users. Built on capabilities like OCR, facial recognition, and liveness detection, it helps in the real-time verification of identities at scale. It can be seamlessly plugged into your existing infrastructure or used as a stand-alone web platform.

3) D-KYC and V-KYC: Our Digital KYC and Video KYC enable end-to-end seamless user onboarding journeys through AI-powered facial recognition, liveness detection, OCR, and geotagging technologies to catch identity and financial frauds before onboarding new users.

4) Vault: Vault is our proprietary database of negative and criminal record checks. It leverages the power of AI and deep search algorithms to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of a name and address against datasets of 200+ million records from 3500+ courts at the PAN-India level. This database is a goldmine to onboard and authenticates new users before you onboard them on your platform.

Real money gaming businesses must integrate AI-powered technology to verify the user identity, and prevent data theft, and other financial crimes. Learn how you can also safeguard your gaming platform from potential fraud, bring in profitable traffic, and offer a transparent and delightful experience.

Ask for a Free Call.

Top Background Verification (BGV) Company in Delhi NCR, Noida & Gurgaon

Top Background Verification Company in Delhi NCR, Noida & Gurgaon

There is no dearth of background verification companies in India. However, not all have the manpower and technology to ensure high verification accuracy at industry leading turnaround time (TAT). Delhi NCR being the hub of many multinational companies along with government institutes sees a high volume of verification check requirements.

AuthBridge based in Gurgaon is one of the largest identity and background verification companies in Delhi NCR. As a technology-driven background verification company, we enable simple and quick solutions for companies from Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida & and across India to obtain a BGV report. A robust background check mitigates risk, protects the company’s reputation, and thus adds to future revenues.


Why choose AuthBridge for background screening in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon & Noida?

AuthBridge provides trusted, 360-degree background check services for a large spectrum of clients. The risk of hiring candidates with a negative record is very likely the hurt your organization. The probability of losing brand equity is relatively as high with unverified hires. A business that doesn’t implement proper background checks ends up with a serious long-term impact on its business. With exhaustive background checks from AuthBridge, companies in Delhi NCR can provide a safe working environment as fraudsters can easily be identified. Background checks play a crucial role in different ways for any business such as acquisition, hiring talent, litigation, signing a contract, etc. Our data-driven technology helps our clients to check identity, education, employment, references, and criminal records.

employee onboarding solutions

For e.g., a case of forgery, impersonation, and identity fraud of an office bearer at the Prime Minister’s Office has been registered with Delhi Police or how a man uses an impersonator to qualify Delhi Subordinate Services exam using dubious means.  These are only a few of those countless cases where candidates have faked their resumes to attract lucrative jobs.

Partner with AuthBridge, one of the leading employee background verification companies in Delhi NCR, which offers AI-powered authentication solutions around interviewing, identifying, and selecting a suitable employee in lieu of time-consuming and expensive processes. However, our cutting-edge authentication products and alternate data analysis for your businesses help you make informed hiring decisions for your company. According to a study, 40% of resumes submitted by job applicants contain incorrect/falsified information. Therefore, many companies in Delhi/NCR have started taking background checks seriously for potential candidates.


Why background checks are a must for any company

a. Background checks successfully exposes dishonest applicants

b. Background checks help enhance hiring quality.

c. Background checks help companies to check the financial, employment, and criminal details of their employees.

d. Background screening ensures that the information shared by candidates is 100% accurate. In addition, background screening safeguards your business interests from any unlawful aspects such as fraudulent transfers, loss of income, and reputational damage.


Benefits of Conducting Background Verification for Companies in Delhi NCR

As one of the credible and leading background verification companies in Delhi NCR, AuthBridge offers powerful and compliant background screening. We take immense pride in leveraging technology to offer the fastest, and most detailed reports. A few Fortune 500 companies around Delhi/NCR often hire AuthBridge with the goal of conducting pre-and post-employment background checks for continuous surveillance of employees.

i) Background checks are critical to keeping track of employees before and after employment.

ii) Employees with a history of substance abuse can be taken out immediately with the help of quick background verification.

iii) The criminal record of the potential candidates can be checked well in time with background checks.

iV) Background checks offer a safe and inclusive work environment for the employees hired.

V) Background checks result in quality hires, resulting in a lesser turnover in the companies


We also provide employee screening solutions for corporate giants. We have a faster turnaround time and deliver at competitive pricing. The identity and address verification services offered by AuthBridge verify the correctness, existence, and authenticity of addresses as well as important identity documents. As one of the top background verification companies in Delhi, AuthBridge offers you quality verification services with accurate analysis that is very simple yet effective. By availing of background verification services from AuthBridge, you will get first-hand information that is accurate, quick, and timely for wise decision-making and can help you complete the background check efficiently as well. We do not want to shy away from sharing that AuthBridge ranks first among the best background verification companies in Delhi. Know more about our background verification services in PAN India and globally.


Importance of Background Checks in Delhi/NCR

Today, most companies in Delhi/NCR tie up with hire background verification companies to supplement their employee hiring processes. Employee background verification is inevitable in Delhi/NCR, which is one of the corporate hubs. Background verification ensures that a fair and safe working environment can be provided to past and present employees. Besides risk mitigation, it prevents fraud, protects brand value, builds trust, and promotes future growth. Background checks can be applied to all candidates like full-time, contractual, freelancers, etc. Background checks are crucial because the employees you hire have full access to office space, assets, and sensitive data after being hired.

If you are looking for background verification in Delhi/NCR and want to avail the services of a reputed, trustworthy, and technology-driven background verification company, book a demo with us at: sales@authbridge.com or talk to our experts.

In Delhi/NCR we have our presence across locations including New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

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