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Efficient, Secure and Compliant Contracting

Digital signing tool for faster contract lifecycle management

High Efficiency

Optimize time and effort to create, sign and send documents to accelerate deal closures and onboarding journeys.


Save on unnecessary contracting costs for printing, shipping, and storage associated with paper-based contracts.

Delightful Experience

Provide a convenient and user-friendly customer experience by allowing them to sign documents from anywhere, at any time.

Faster Onboarding

Remote multi-party signatures to allow your partners, vendors, and candidates to sign contracts at their convenience

Complete Trackability

Stay on top of who has signed the contract and who has not to ensure regular follow-up and faster closures.

Eco- Friendly

Go paperless. Switch to eSignatures to save cost, company resources and the environment.

How e-Signature Solution Can Help

eSign and Digital Signature Solution for Agility and Transparency

Do away with legacy contract management – modernizing the online document and contract signing experience

Types of eSigns

Multiple Ways to Sign Your Contracts

With SignDrive, sign your documents and contracts at your convenience.

Digital Signatures

The most commonly used electronic signatures. Digitally sign your vendor agreements, NDAs, sales contracts and others.

Aadhaar Signatures

Authenticate the identity of the signatory using the Aadhaar e-signature. Faster and more accurate verification of all the signatories.

Stamp Paper e-Signing

Easily generate, e-stamp your notarized stamp papers and affix stamp papers to your legal documents, reducing the time and effort required for stamp paper procurement and duty.

Automate your signing workflow-2


Automate your Signing Workflow

Create your signing journey that works best for your department and organization.

Pre-built Templates to Save Time

Make use of our pre-built document templates or create your own templates to save time and improve efficiency.

Define the Signing Order

Configure the flow in which all the stakeholders will sign the document. E-singing tool for end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM).

Send Timely Reminders and Notifications

Nudge the signatories to sign the agreement by sending reminders. Also, notify all the parties whenever the status of the agreement changes or it moves the to next step.


Plug 'n' Play Integration

Get end-to-end visibility of the candidate verification journey.

Connect eSignatures with SignDrive APIs

Effortlessly connect your agreements to your preferred applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and others. Utilize pre-built integrations and APIs.

Multiple Storage Solutions

Build signature repository or seamlessly integrate popular cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox to store your contracts.

Filter Candidates on Multiple Parameters

Effortlessly connect your agreements to your preferred applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and others. Utilize pre-built integrations and APIs.

Plug 'n' Play Integration​-signdrive


Security and Compliance

Background check reports to help identify trends and take data-driven decisions.

Maintain Integrity of Agreements

Document encryption, audit trails, and compliance with various industry standards and regulations such as the

Signer Detection for Enhanced Security

Safeguard your agreements using top-tier security and compliance measures while maintaining an optimal user experience.

Maintain Audit Log

Track your contracts and signatures to retain visibility with an activity log that displays key events and changes.

Business grows when you build trust in people

AuthBridge helps you with fast, friendly, and comprehensive background checks – smarter in every way.

How eSigning Works

Digitization of Document Signing Process


Prepare and Send

Documents, agreements, contracts, and MOUs 



Verify the identity of the stakeholders


Review & Sign

Document review and signing by stakeholders

ongoing tracking


Progress of all your documents

ongoing tracking


All documents for record and future access

eSignature and Document Management Solution Features

Capabilities of standard eSignature tool to streamline the document transactions.




Multiple eSignature Options


Mulitple Document Formats


Role Based Access Control


Single Sign-On


Web & Mobile Compatibility


Cloud based


Multi Party Signature Options


AES 256 Bit Data Encryption

Integrated with Leading Industry Platforms

No coding required. Plug ‘n play integrations to connect your workflows across platforms. From HRMS, CRMs, ERPs to customer support apps, AuthBridge integrates with 140+ tools to make your journey smooth


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