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Comprehensive due diligence solution for risk-free business partnerships supported by our pan-India presence, multilingual workforce, and experienced analytical professionals.


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Unravel Your Due Diligence Challenges

Transform your business due diligence processes with our tech-enabled solutions

Data Security, Privacy and Compliance

Accurate, reliable & up-to-date data at your fingertips

Experience the power of our exceptional due diligence service, providing up-to-date and precise financial, and legal data. Stay ahead with accurate and reliable business insights & reports

Verification Accuracy

Continuous monitoring of existing business partners

Strengthen your business integrity with ongoing due diligence and constant vigilance over third-party businesses for enhanced compliance and risk management

Response Time

Unparalleled efficiency & Industry-leading turnaround time

Get your hands on an all-inclusive due diligence report delivered with unparalleled efficiency, boasting the industry’s fastest turnaround time (TAT)

Holistic Due Diligence for your Comprehensive needs

Achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your due diligence process.

Operational Risk Assessment

Risk-Free Business Operations

In order to assess operational risks, our 1000+ Operations team thoroughly evaluates your business operations, including the supply chain and demand side factors. We conduct litigation checks from 260 million litigation records to identify potential legal risks and also gather valuable stakeholder feedback from Businesses’ suppliers, customers, and bankers.

Supply Chain Checks


Litigation Checks

Stakeholder Feedback

Risk-free Business operations
Thorough Due diligence of management

Management Risk assessment

Thorough Due-Dilgence of Management

Our comprehensive management risk assessment includes evaluating directors’ qualifications and profiles, reviewing the organization’s structure for effective management, and assessing key management systems and controls. We also conduct checks for past litigation involving management to identify potential risks


Director Qualifications


Litigation Checks


Organization Structure

Financial Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Financial performance Analysis

We analyze financial statements of the past three years, identify key trends, and conduct ratio analysis for financial stability and growth potential. We evaluate bank exposure and relationships, review auditors’ reports and comments, and assess contingent liabilities for a comprehensive financial assessment

Auditor Comments



Comprehensive Financial performance analysis

AuthBridge’s Due Diligence Solution Parameters

Helping you choose the right Business partners

Differentiator Risk Scoring

For Secure User Authentication and Compliance

Profitability Assessment

To Streamline communication

Investment Due Diligence

Real-time tracking of case status

Balanced Scorecard

For expanding the reach and improving conversions

E- Signature

To create a list of all the vendors for future use

End-to-end Onboarding

For quicker verification and turnaround time (TAT)


Two-way communication across multiple channels

Continuous Monitoring

To keep track of case status and notify stakeholders

100+ Business Due Diligence Checks

Built for Success at Every Step of the Onboarding Journey

Udyog Aadhaar

Bank Account Verification

Defaulting Directors Check

TIN Check

Business Address Verification

GSTIN Verification

Pan Verification

PAN Card Verification

Politically Exposed Person

DIN Verification

Court Record Check

Crime Watchlist

FSSAI License

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