Reimagine Hind-sighting with AI and automation for proactive fraud mitigation

An Industry First Hindsighting Solution for comprehensive validation and re-verification of customer and merchant applications


Trusted by 2,000+ companies

Reverify Customer Applications with AI-Powered Authentication Technology

Ensure risk-free onboarding with retrospective audit of customer applications

Verify at Scale

High level Verification Scalability

Easily scale customer lending and insurance application Verifications to ~ 15 Million customer Applications/Month

Physical Document submissions

100 + Document types and Formats Supported

Auto-Extract relevant Customer details via OCR Tech that supports around 100 + Document types and Formats 

Verification Accuracy

99% Accurate Verifications via automation

Achieve 99% Accurate
Verifications with AI- powered automation with zero Human interventions

How AuthBridge’s Digital Hindsighting Solution Works ?

Step 1

Seamlessly download all applications from the Centralized repository via integrations

Step 2

Digital Document Identification of all Application documents via OCR Technology

Step 3

Auto data extraction and data matching takes place on customer documents as per defined logics

Step 4

Holistic Report with Match percentage and identity data of each field are generated

Step 4

All the Applications are segmented based on report severity( Red/Green/Amber) 

Use Cases we Solve

Helping you save huge operations cost and be compliant across multiple use cases

Lending & Credit Card

Verify Applications Sourced from Channel Partners

Merchant Onboarding

Validate Documents of Onboarded Merchants


Validate Policy Documents post Disbursement

Legacy Data Audit

Check authenticity of legacy documents; Perform Audit

Choose from 100+ Instant Verification API's


Voter ID Verification


Aadhaar Verification



Bank Account Check




Expert insights at your finger tips.

All things Background verification, Due Diligence , candidate experience and more.



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FAQs on Digital Hindsighting

Digital hindsighting refers to the retrospective analysis of digital data, records, or activities to gain insights and understand past events or behaviours.

Digital hindsighting is important because it allows organizations to learn from past experiences, identify trends and patterns, improve decision-making, optimize performance, and enhance risk management.

Digital hindsighting can involve the analysis of various types of digital data, including transaction logs, customer interactions, website traffic, social media posts, sensor data, and more.

Digital hindsighting focuses on analysing historical data to understand past events or behaviours, whereas real-time analytics involves analysing data as it is generated to gain insights into current or unfolding events.

Common applications include learning from past mistakes, identifying trends and patterns, improving decision-making, optimizing performance, and enhancing risk management.

The benefits of implementing digital hindsighting include improved decision-making, better understanding of past events and behaviours, enhanced performance.

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