Employee Background Verification (BGV) Screening Company in Bangalore

Employee Background Verification (BGV) Screening Company in Bangalore

Branded as the IT capital of India, Bangalore is soon moving closer to becoming the cybercrime city. According to TOI, Bangalore witnessed 47% of India’s cybercrimes in 2020, this figure is an eye-opener for several MNCs and companies operating in Bangalore. however, the city reported the highest number of identity theft and impersonation cases among the 19 cities during the last two years. Companies in Bangalore had to step up their background verification processes. This is exactly why background verification companies in Bangalore are skyrocketing. Companies have acknowledged the importance of agile, tech-driven background verification and onboarding processes.


Background Verification Company in Bangalore

AuthBridge isBGV company in Bangalore/Bengaluru that offers high-quality employee background checks in Bangalore. We at AuthBridge stand as leaders in the background screening space for almost 16 years, among the other background verification companies in Bangalore. We are here to help you with quick and efficient background checks.


Features and Benefits of Background Verification in Bangalore

With a competitive job market, background verification and onboarding can be tricky. However, it’s important to not mistake it as just another HR formality of the recruitment process. Today, it forms an inevitable part of the employee onboarding process. By embracing ‘tech-enabled ’onboarding, it is easier to create a customized and engaging candidate experience that boosts the success of your organization. Using iBRIDGE, an AI-driven, end-to-end onboarding solution, verify and onboard talent instantly, efficiently, and securely, creating seamless onboarding journeys with the least manual intervention.

Powered by AuthBridge, iBRIDGE helps you scale at ease, attract quality hires, and drive business growth. New hire verification has become a lot more than a mere norm these days. Especially in a city like Bangalore which sees hundreds of new companies, jobs, and employees, it is difficult for companies to perform due diligence single-handedly. It requires a robust mechanism to identify and eliminate bad hires.


Below are the features & benefits of background verification services by AuthBridge:

  1. Reduce onboarding time by up to 90%
  2. Minimise onboarding costs by up to 70%
  3. Show the progress of cases through real-time dashboards
  4. Send automated and timely notifications to candidates and other stakeholders
  5. Completely automate document collection and onboarding form submissions
  6. Conduct AI-powered, database-driven identity, address, criminal, and other checks in real-time.

AuthBridge as the best among the Background verification Companies in Bangalore do not limit to employment screening only. The magnitude of verification has grown by leaps and bounds too. Let’s take very minute examples, where a large amount of risk is involved. Trusting a taxi driver that drives the female employees to/ from the organization or a delivery boy who shows up at the doorstep with your package/delivery. Backed by new-gen technology, cutting-edge tools, background verification helps organizations to build trust among their stakeholders, employees, and business allies.


AuthBridge offers a wide range of Background verification services in Bangalore as follows, but not limited to Employee Background Verification:

  1. Post-employment verification
  2. Identity verification
  3. Digital address verification
  4. Education verification
  5. Criminal records check
  6. Civil records check (Court Database)
  7. Risk management

For large organizations that outsource their requirements like supplier, housekeeping, transportation, etc. to external vendors, AuthBridge also provides extended workforce screening (EWS) including:

  1. Vendor due diligence
  2. Company address verification
  3. Professional reference check
  4. Legal records check
  5. Financial records check
  6. Reputation analysis etc.

Bangalore’s booming economy and cultural tolerance are lately acting as a magnet for people seeking a better life. But at the same time, it’s going awry for a few others. With the hybrid culture of Bangalore in mind, AuthBridge also provides 2 more important services:

  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Drug Test


Why Choose AuthBridge as Background Verification Company in Bangalore?

While there are many providers of Background Checks, you must choose AuthBridge for its versatility. Let’s unpeel the value propositions we offer our clients:

  1. We care – we are constantly working to help our clients build a foundation of trust and safety within their business and mitigate risks as much as possible. We understand how much business means to you, and that’s why we make it our number 1 priority.
  2. Our technology – our services are driven by the right technology. We are therefore continuously investing in our technology and finding the most innovative solutions to ensure we deliver transformative and fast results. We know what matters to your business. Our platform is built on digital tools that provide efficiency and ease for both our clients and employees.
  3. Geographically diverse reach and work expertise – we provide comprehensive global solutions and deep expertise in the geographies we serve. We are gradually moving in the direction of being a global name, with diverse cultures, screening differences, and nuances.
  4. Focus on security and compliance – we hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards for compliance. This is important for us, for you and your business, and for your candidates. We take a 360-degree approach to maintain privacy, and legal and regulatory requisites concerning background screening.

Background verification is very basic to mitigate the risks of hiring and build trust along the way. A lot of companies have onboarded third-party verifiers as a compulsory ‘to-do’ of all their HR processes in Bangalore. Not just Bangalore, AuthBridge is at the top among the best background verification companies in India. Jump on the digital bandwagon to create a safe and trust-filled work environment in your organization while safeguarding against data/information theft and other risks!


AuthBridge Contact at Bangalore

Office Address:

AuthBridge Research Services,
216 / 2-B, Plot No. 2,
Nagavarapalya, C.V. Raman Nagar,
Bangalore – 560093
Karnataka, India

Sales Contact: +91-8826988001

Sales Email: sales@authbridge.com

What and How of Udyam Aadhaar Verification

Why employment background verification is important and how to get it right?

Imagine hiring an employee for a top leadership role after a long and elaborate interview process, and later discovering the candidate is underqualified for the desired role.

The hiring decision was made considering the past employment history but you realised it didn’t turn out to be the best one, maybe because of the certain employment gaps that you ignored in the first or false information presented by the candidate.

In the race to seize the best job, the best opportunity for career growth, many candidates tend to lie about their experience, education as well as licensing. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a fishy motive behind it, but it still becomes important to check the candidate’s employment history to protect your company’s efficiency, ROI, and reputation. Employment verification helps you build a solid foundation of efficiency and trustworthy workforce  and is a critical step in hiring new employees. It is the most effective way to create, develop, and keep a solid workforce in the first place


Why is employment background verification important?

Conducting employment checks for background verification has been instrumental in hiring the right candidates and preventing any mishaps due to fake employment claims in the resume or during the interview process.

According to AuthBridge’s data analysis, around 15% of candidates presented falsified information on their resumes in 2017. As per a study conducted in 2022 by ResumeLab, it has been found that 93% of people know someone who lied on their resume about their employment history – presenting twisted work titles, exaggerated job responsibilities, work experience.

With the number of candidates providing false employment information and fabricating job titles increasing every year, the stakes of a wrong hire have become much higher. A detailed employment check can be beneficial to catch experience gaps, a discrepancy in skills, and false information before getting a candidate into the system. Moreover, you will get valuable insights into the past responsibilities, work attitude, and job titles of your potential candidates.

Especially when you are going from entry-level hiring to mid/senior-level hiring, employment verification cannot take a backseat.

  • Ensuring workplace efficiency: In case the hired candidate lacks a specific skill set or experience for the required role, it directly hampers the overall work efficiency. Strict employment screening can help you hire suitable employees who are qualified for their positions.
  • Reducing legal liability: If the candidate is found to have a discrepancy in the information related to previous employment, the employer may be held liable for negligent hiring.
  • Improving hiring decisions: Employment checks can help employers make informed hiring decisions as they get a complete picture of a candidate’s work history, experience, past work responsibilities, and work attitude.
  • Protecting the company’s reputation: Hiring candidates with falsified information on their resume can damage the company’s reputation.

Top 7 things that you must keep in place for your employment verification process:

  • Mandatory Employment Checks For All Employees

For maximum safety and efficiency, your organisation should have a consistent and fair policy for employment verification that checks the past work employment of every candidate irrespective of the position they are applying for. 

There should be no bias or relaxing the rules for any candidate even if they may be applying for leadership positions or are well-respected in the industry.

  • Compliance With Employment Background Verification Laws

When conducting an employment verification, you may uncover sensitive information which may not be allowed by law to be included in a background check. There are various legal obligations that you should keep in mind while conducting background checks to avoid any unnecessary lawsuits and legal troubles in the future. 

Make sure you partner with leading background verification companies for employment checks to stay in line with the mandatory laws and regulations.

  • Choose FCRA Compliant Background Checks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can help you find out which background checks you can and cannot include when it comes to information on a candidate’s credit. Not performing FCRA-compliant background checks can expose your business to potential litigation.

Similarly, every country might have associated guidelines like Anti-Money Laundering Policy, etc. to be followed during background verification no matter whether you are conducting employment checks, education checks, criminal checks, reference checks, or so on.

  • Partner with leading background verification agencies that are data security compliant

When looking for background verification agencies to work with, make sure they adhere to quality and information security standards and most importantly, are data security compliant. Moreover, choose those third parties who have domain expertise in background verification alone, rather than those who offer a plethora of services without specialising in anything.

  • Understand ‘one size does not fit all’. Strict checks for higher positions

While it is important to conduct employment verification processes on all candidates without any kind of discrimination, it is also important to understand that one size does not always fit all. Employment verification packages must be tailored to fit each job position. The more important the position is, the more thorough and stringent the background check should be.

  • Always take action as per the employment verification results

If you find anything in the employment background verification results that may affect the candidate’s qualification for the job position, make sure to take the necessary action. Don’t just conduct background checks just for the sake of it. Always follow through to mitigate risks for your organization.

  • Be transparent with candidates regarding the employment verification results

Whatever the result of your employment verification may be, always be transparent about it with the candidates. You have to inform them about your findings, and if there is anything questionable, allow them to explain and justify themselves. One must ensure that the background verification process is a win-win for both the employer and the employee and that the experience is seamless for both parties.

AuthBridge is India’s leading Background Verification (BGV) Company. Write to us at sales@authbridge.com or visit contact us page for more information.

A Guide to Digital Employee Onboarding & its Benefits

A Guide to Digital Employee Onboarding & its Benefits

Human resource management can be tough, especially with the existing market competition for the right talent. From pushing innovation to inclusion to teamwork and collaboration, Digital HR will dominate all we do in 2022.

According to a recent survey, an average millennial stays at a job for nearly 6-12 months, 10-20 times less than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Since millennials make up some 75% of the workforce, it’s important to realise what millennials want from their work and employers. Also, 55% of millennials don’t feel fully motivated at work, and maybe as a result, about 60% are open to better job opportunities.

These days, several companies are investing more and more in modern infrastructure and other attractive perks to keep their employees. However, they miss the internal processes that shape company’s cultural core and impact employee retention. Digital employee onboarding is one such critical process.

Starting at a new company is an exciting time for most people. When doing their little bit research of the company and its culture, they look for one that matches their identity. These hires aim to start it big and prove their worth and blend into the team as quickly as possible. Instead, they often spend their first few days at a new job isolated and mired in paperwork.

In the world of digital disruption, verification and onboarding is a lot more than filling a pile of forms. When chalked out properly, digital employee onboarding can be very useful to foster loyalty in new employees and making them feel valued and engaged from first day itself. By digitizing the conventional employee onboarding processes, you create opportunities to focus on better employee engagement during the initial few days.

Onboarding and the Remote ‘New Normal’

Many workplaces today are taking the digital, candidate-first approach in the remote and hybrid work setup both, although a lot of onboarding is still obsolete and remains analog. Considering the convenience of how easily businesses can digitally onboard candidates/customers. It’s strange how large companies still struggle to modernise their processes that priorise their employees. Their onboarding processes not only undermine top talent’s expectations but reflect poorly on an organization’s culture.


Is your Current Onboarding Broken?

Most companies take a passive approach to onboarding, prioritizing tasks like completing the paperwork necessary for compliance and admin tasks such as IT setup. The information overload of starting out new can be overwhelming. Here are a few of the things that new hires need to get up to speed on.
When new hires are bombarded with a volley of information in the first week, it’s impossible for them to register everything.

Any well-planned onboarding process aims to familiarize the new employees with the company’s vision and culture. Infact, an ideal onboarding process should help to fully understand their role and responsibilities to fit into the bigger picture.

When a company doesn’t check to see if you’re doing fine or need any assistance, then they are left throttled. This makes them feel totally disconnected and unrecognised. This makes their stay in the company unpleasant, making them believe that their expectations will never be met.


Poor Onboarding Equals to High Turnover

According to a survey, poor onboarding equals to high turnover. 16% of HR managers said it lowers their company’s productivity, 14 % said it brings on greater inefficiencies and 12% said it leads to higher employee turnover. After you have spent a large part of your time in attracting new hires, its dissatisfying to let them feel useless and unnoticed. However, this situation can be avoided with the use of HR tech and automation.

Having an onboarding program is just to allow them a head start. Employees should always feel that they can learn and grow for an upward progression in their career. If they can’t foresee a direction, they’ll leave

It’s high time to choose an exceptional onboarding experience.


Better Onboarding

More than 83% of good companies start their onboarding process much before the candidate’s first day at work. This way, instead of the new employee being met by a pile of paperwork, they’re present forms and relevant documents that they need to complete and sign digitally.

Infact, several companies are bringing in employee onboarding portals, to personalize candidate experience, making it simpler, faster, and hassle-free. Get started with iBRIDGE powered by AuthBridge an AI-powered, end-to-end authentication tool, to create a seamless onboarding experience in the digital age. The idea is to keep focusing on employee success and fostering company loyalty instead of putting all the emphasis on data and compliance.

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