Realtime Vehicle RC Verification with Plug & Play API’s

Real time KYC of owner and registration verification of vehicle with RTO while purchase or resale

Realtime Vehicle RC Verification with Plug & Play API’s

Powering Onboarding & Verification Journeys for 2000+ Enterprises

Why do you require Vehicle RC Verification?

To use as a Valid document for identity proof for a Vehicle owner

Tampering with Vehicle RC details

Tampering with Vehicle RC details

Fraudsters may  tamper with the information on the RC, such as changing vehicle details, engine numbers, or chassis numbers, to misrepresent the vehicle’s identity.

Forgery and fake RCs for Identity Fraud

Forgery and fake RCs for Identity Fraud

Fraudsters may create fake or forged RC documents with fictitious vehicle details to sell stolen vehicles or conceal the true identity of the vehicle.

Misuse of RC for loan against Vehicle

Misuse of RC for loan against Vehicle

Scammers may attempt to deceive financial institutions by using fake Registration Certificates (RCs) to secure loans against vehicle

Types of Vehicle RC Verification API's

Streamline Vehicle ownership verification with AuthBridge’s Vehicle RC Verification API

Seamless Verification

Stolen Vehicle Verification

Stolen Vehicle Police complaint check 
via RC number 

PAN - Verify Name Match

Vehicle Registration Check

Get complete Vehicle details from registration dates to chassis #, manufacturer and registration authority

e PAN Verification (Entity & Individual)

Vehicle RC Verification

Get Vehicle registration details inclusive of Owner’s details, Hypothecation details, Insurance details and RC status 

AuthBridge’s Vehicle RC Verification API's Advantages

We build an additional layer of security for Vehicle Owner identity fraud prevention

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

AuthBridge’s Vehicle RC Verification API’s are optimized for seamless user experience.

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

Verify all information provided with the Vehicle registration department and Police to ensure they are legit and accurate.

Prevents Identity Frauds

Prevents Identity Frauds

Our API detects fake or tampered RC cards for Identity frauds or Stolen vehicles

Real-time verification

Real-Time Verification

Identity Data and Vehicle stolen information is retrieved and verified within a few seconds – saving you time and costs and 

plug-n-play _icon API

Plug and Play API’s

Web portal, APIs, and Mobile SDK with no third-party assistance, seamless integration in your onboarding journeys

Instant Onboarding

Instant Onboarding

Onboard Right Vehicle owners or sell loans against asset to the right owners and complete the journey in 2-5 minutes.

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AuthBridge integrates with 170+ APIs - to make your journey smooth.

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AuthBridge FAQs

Can’t find the answer here?

The Vehicle RC (Registration Certificate) Verification API is a service that allows you to verify the details of a vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) in India.

This API is typically used by organizations such as insurance companies, banks, and car dealerships to verify the authenticity and accuracy of a vehicle’s RC before issuing a policy, loan, or sale.

The API will return information such as the vehicle’s make and model, year of manufacture, engine and chassis number, and the name and address of the registered owner.

The Vehicle RC Verification API works by accessing a database of vehicle registration information maintained by the government of India. When you submit a request to the API with the vehicle’s registration number and the state in which it is registered, the API sends a request to the government database to retrieve the information associated with that particular vehicle. The API then processes the response from the government database and formats the information in a way that is easy for you to use and understand.

The Vehicle RC Verification API can be accessed using any programming language that supports HTTP requests, such as Python, Java, or C#. There are also a number of third-party tools and libraries that can be used to make it easier to access the API and retrieve the information that you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on RC Verification Service

RC Verification is a process that authenticates the registration details of a vehicle against the official records held by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). It ensures the vehicle’s registration number, make, model and ownership details are valid and up-to-date.

Verifying a vehicle’s RC is crucial for multiple reasons:

  • To prevent fraud by ensuring the vehicle is not stolen or involved in any illegal activity.
  • To confirm the ownership and registration details for buying or selling a vehicle.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements for businesses dealing with vehicles.

AuthBridge’s RC Verification API integrates with your systems to provide real-time verification of vehicle details. By entering the vehicle’s registration number, the API accesses RTO records to fetch and verify information, including the vehicle’s registration status, owner’s details, and more.

The RC Verification process can confirm various details such as the vehicle’s registration number, make and model, year of manufacture, engine and chassis number, and the name and address of the registered owner.

This service is essential for:

  • Automobile dealers and resellers for ensuring the legitimacy of vehicles before purchase or sale.
  • Insurance companies for risk assessment and policy issuance.
  • Financial institutions providing loans against vehicles.
  • Ride-hailing firms onboarding drivers with vehicles of their own

Yes, AuthBridge’s RC Verification includes checking against databases for any police reports filed for the vehicle, thereby identifying if it has been reported as stolen.

Yes, by verifying a vehicle’s registration details, you can ascertain if it has been reported stolen or involved in any legal issues, providing an additional layer of security before proceeding with a vehicle transaction.

AuthBridge provides easy integration options with plug-and-play APIs, enabling businesses to seamlessly incorporate RC Verification into their operational workflows without significant technical challenges.

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