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OnboardX - Third Party Onboarding Platform

Create end-to-end digital onboarding journeys for your vendors, partners, freelancers, gaming players, or anyone using OnboardX – our automated onboarding product to verify and validate personal, educational, professional and financial details to ensure remote and contactless onboarding experience for new users. Built primarily on our onboarding platform iBridge™, OnboardX leverages the power of AI to make identity verification and onboarding journeys completely digital and paperless, saving your onboarding time and operational costs.

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Automate background screening and scale up faster

Adopt automation with OnboardX that comes with real-time dashboards and actionable insights to help you create a seamless and instant onboarding experience. Plug-and-play different checks as per your industry requirements or select from our pre-defined packages to create end-to-end automated onboarding journeys where your users, vendors or partners can easily fill in their details, upload and sign their documents and get onboarded 10x faster.

Real-time, contactless verification with reduced costs

Enable your vendors and partners with real-time, omni-channel verification and onboarding experience requiring no paperwork, adding speed to your vendor onboarding and decision-making processes. Verify and validate vendor identity at speed and scale eliminating delays and save your operational costs by up to 70% while reducing onboarding time by 90%.

Stay ahead with real-time visibility on the progress

Initiate vendor onboarding cases in bulk and get real-time updates on the status of each onboarding case with customisable alerts and notifications for easy traceability. You can also view and track any insufficiencies, discrepancies and take actions on the go, saving you operational costs and onboarding time by up to 90%.

Customisable workflows, integrable with any HRMS or onboarding tool

OnboardX comes with customisable workflows where you can plug-and-play any component of background screening based on your industry-specific requirements or use case specifications. You can choose checks from our pre-defined packages or enable complete customisation. OnboardX comes as a stand-alone web platform or can also be integrated to your existing HRMS / onboarding tool via APIs.

Built-in compliance and data privacy safeguards

We are committed to protecting and safeguarding data privacy of our clients and users. Our products meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global encryption standards so when your organisation scales up, you can be sure that it is also adhering to the ever-changing compliance requirements.

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