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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN, standing for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, is a distinct 15-character alphanumeric code based on PAN, assigned to every individual registered under the Goods and Services Tax. This identifier is issued alongside the GST registration certificate to the taxpayer and facilitates the tracking of registered taxpayers. Utilizing the GSTIN search function enables effective GST verification, allowing you to ascertain your GST details in India, supported by the HSN code.

Why do you require GSTIN Verification?

Easy, Fast GSTIN checks to partner with legitimate Businesses

Identity Misrepresentation

Fake GSTIN registration

Fraudsters may obtain a fake or invalid GSTIN to portray themselves as legitimate businesses and take advantage of the GST system for fraudulent purposes.

Loan and credit card fraud

Input Tax Credit (ITC) fraud

Ineligible businesses may issue fake invoices or falsely claim ITC on GST paid for non-existent or fictitious transactions, leading to tax evasion.

Forgery and fake RCs for Identity Fraud

Corporate Identity theft

Fraud Businesses may use someone else’s GSTIN details for conducting business transactions, leading to identity theft and misuse 

GST Identification Number Format

Before conducting a GST number check, ensure the 15-digit GSTIN alphanumeric code adheres to the following structure. If it deviates, the GSTIN may not be considered valid:

GST Identification Number Format
  • First two digits: Represent the state code of the person or business entity registered.
  • Next ten characters: Correspond to the PAN of the registered owner.
  • Thirteenth digit: Indicates the count of registrations the owner has within a single state.
  • Fourteenth character: ‘Z’ is used by default.
  • Fifteenth digit: A check digit, which could be a letter or number, used to identify errors.

Types of GSTIN Verification API's​

Choose from different types of instant GSTIN API’s as per your business screening needs

Know Your PAN using GSTIN

Get PAN details of a Business using GSTIN number

GSTIN Registration Check

Get complete GSTIN registration details of a Business’ using GSTIN number as input

GSTR Return Filing details Check

Consent-based service to upload Aadhaar number XML file and fetch e-Aadhaar details

Comprehensive GST Details- Advanced

Complete GSTIN Details along with detailed insights on Customers, with sales and turnover details

GSTIN View and Track Return

All GSTIN Returns view for a given financial year


All GSTIN Taxpayer Details are provided with nature of business and jurisdiction details

PAN to GST Linkage Check

PAN to GSTIN Check to fetch all GSTIN linked with a PAN number

GSTR Purchase 2B details

Get all GSTR Purchase 2B details via this API

AuthBridge’s GSTIN Verification API's

We build an additional layer of security for Corporate identity fraud prevention so you can work with the right partners

GSTIN Active Status

Enter the provided GSTIN number and verify if the provided account is active and valid.

GST Filing Details

Verify GST numbers, Status, Taxpayer types, and state bifurcation. Provides all the locations of operations (main and support).

Credibility Analysis

Dig deeper with details like mode of filing and return type bifurcation for further analysis.

Plug & Play API's

Digitize and scale your operations with easy to activate, simple to use data exchange mechanisms via our plug and play APIs.

Build more, Be more!

AuthBridge integrates with 170+ APIs - to make your journey smooth.

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AuthBridge FAQs

Can’t find the answer here?

GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is a unique 15-digit alpha-numeric PAN-based code allotted to every registered person under Goods and Service Tax.

This number is provided to the GST taxpayer along with the GST registration certificate. This unique number allows tracking of a registered taxpayer.

Since every entity registered under GST is provided with a unique 15-digit identification number from the concerned tax authorities, it is used for collecting tax on behalf of the government and accessing input tax credits.

A GSTIN number can also be used to perform GST verification in order to validate the authenticity of a registered company or business.

A GST Verification API is an API enabling businesses to complete KYB by verifying a registered company’s GSTIN number. The API typically accepts the GSTIN as the API request and responds with validated data such as the GSTIN, Business Name, Constitution of Business, Address, GSTR returns, update status, nature of business and other details for accurate verification of a Business

The GST Verification API can be useful for businesses and individuals who want to verify the GST registration status of a company before entering into a transaction with them. It can also be used by businesses to verify the GST registration status of their suppliers and customers.

The API typically accepts the GSTIN as the API request and responds with validated data such as the GSTIN, Business Name, Constitution of Business, Address, and so forth.

To use the GST Verification API, you will need to obtain an API key from the GST Portal, which is the official website for GST in India. You can then use this API key to access the GST Verification API and retrieve information about the GST registration status of a business.

The GST Verification API can be accessed using any programming language that supports HTTP requests, such as Python, Java, or C#. There are also a number of third-party tools and libraries that can be used to make it easier to access the API and retrieve the information that you need.

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