Importance of Employee Reference Checks for a Safe Work Environment

A reference check should be more than just a formality during the hiring process. The extra step to verify a candidate’s credentials could prove invaluable to a company. An Employee reference check will also help the organisation to validate if the information presented by the candidate is true and does not contain omissions or false information.


Why are Employee Reference Checks important?

A recent report by AuthBridge revealed that 15.21% of the employees fudge their information while to get a new job. Falsified information ranged from pre-employment details and address information to educational qualifications. Another area where candidates generally choose to omit information is about a criminal past. A pre-employment check would not only verify that a candidate really worked for a particular organisation in the past, but will also provide insights into their behaviour and how well do they work with their peers. An employment reference check would also reveal any unsavoury behaviour of a candidate, if any. A criminal record check might not throw up any results if no charges were filed against a candidate, but violent physical behaviour can be brought to light with an employment reference check. Past employers who fired a candidate for being verbally abusive or prone to outburst of violence will most likely provide you with that information during an employee reference check. The candidate you choose to hire might have all the right skills and experience you are looking for, but if the same candidate is wrongfully using those skills to commit data theft, you are better off not hiring them. A reference check will equip you with details of any past wrongdoings on which to base your hiring decision. An employment reference check might reveal that the candidate did not work for a particular organisation, to begin with; this itself should prompt you to not hire the candidate.

An employee reference check will also provide details on whether a candidate can perform all the tasks listed on their resume or whether those are just embellishments.


What role does an Employment Reference Check play in a safe work culture?

As mentioned earlier, a reference check could reveal things about an employee that they deliberately keep hidden. Violent behaviour, fraud and poor performance are details many candidates hide, while work experience and educational qualification are sometimes elaborated. Hiring a candidate without an employee reference check could mean hiring someone who not only lies to get the job but who could be violent with other employees. Or you could hire a con artist who steals client data and uses it for personal gain. Either way, the safety of your organisation and other employees is at risk. This risk is easily avoided with a reference check.


AuthBridge conducts Employee Reference Checks

AuthBridge has state-of-the-art technology that can conduct employee reference checks quickly and efficiently. With AuthBridge’s services, companies no longer have to worry about lengthy and costly reference checks to protect themselves. With AuthBridge taking the pressure of conducting employment reference checks off you, you can rest assured that you are hiring the right candidates. Write to us at or send us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Innovating Service Delivery in Background Verification

John comes to the office daily carrying a huge folder full of papers and documents containing details of candidates that are to be verified. He works in the verification department of a Global Background Screening Company serving a huge base of corporate clientele.

As his work involves looking into candidate documents and sending them for screening and verification, John is loaded with paperwork all the time!

Don’t you think it would be great if John had a solution where he could load all the information and work freely without the incessant piles of documents? The solution is simple, fast, and eco-friendly! Wheeling under the stress of digging out documents whenever a verification requirement comes up is passé. Now is the time to embrace new technology and upgradation to new line of work which not only paperless but also superlative in approach.

With increasing commercial and business opportunities, there has been a growing need to hire in large numbers, across the globe. Hiring the right people could be a tough task for the large employment pool. This is when background verification can simplify decision making for the HR professionals. With large hiring taking place, came unhealthy encounters like employee fraud, data and intellectual property theft, dubious business partners of unknown provenance, cybercrimes etc. To beat fierce competition, people resort to such malpractices. Hence, the severe effects of negligent hiring need to be checked and taken care of.

Background verification is important, both nationally and globally to save one bad apple from spoiling the whole bunch.


Changing paradigm in Background Verification

Technology has changed leaps and bounds, presenting new opportunities for international background screening. And this is why, background verification industry is getting revamped with fully integrated systems delivering efficiency, convenience and enhanced on-boarding experience. Disruption broke out with penetration into newer business segments, from unicorn startups to herculean on-demand companies and the new face of background screening was unmasked. Conventional background verification works perfectly for traditional businesses, but is quite incompatible with the global integration scene. Dynamic businesses with on-demand, real time servicing calls for a paperless office, with full automation to deliver real-time services. Instaneity in background verification is the ‘new normal’- quick, accurate, on time, real-time service delivery powered by technology. This involves use of machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence and more.

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Conventional background screening turned redundant due to the below key challenges:

1. Paper driven– Conventional background verification wrestle with the daunting task of managing manual processes

2. Duplicity of efforts– Efforts in the businesses lead to duplication with conventional background checks

3. Prone to manual errors– Conventional pre-employment checks are labor intensive, putting pressure on people for accuracy and effectiveness. Reporting and checking data is also taken up loosely, when done manually- leading to manual errors.

4. Time consuming– Conventional background screening takes a lot of time to complete and produce results.

5. Complexity– The background screening process has multiple attributes and dependencies and is a complex process to manage.

Hiring processes in various companies across the world are still flagged by manual processes and involvement of vendors across locations. While vendor assistance is essential to the industry of background verification; however, it is time to make hiring as well as screening practices much smarter and sharper. Innovation in technology stems to long term sustainability and business viability. The Background Screening industry across the world is headed towards one-click verification with real-time service delivery to help build TrustOnDemand.

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