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Now Do Ex-Employee Verifications via a Web-based Platform

Streamline your exit employee verification process with an intuitive, easy to use platform

Response Time

Real-Time Verifications
with fastest TAT

Reduces TAT of ex employee verification with automation and a single view of Ex-employee information

Operational Risks

Minimize Risk of
Verification Frauds

Minimal manual intervention for ex-employee verifications reduces chances of frauds with reference checks

Verify at Scale

Hassle-free exit
management Compliance

Unleash compliance excellence in exit management with Vulnerability assessments, SSL encryption, enhanced security of a safe platform

WorkAttest Platform

How WorkAttest works for Recruiters ?

Workattest platform has two main user roles CONTRIBUTOR and VERIFIER

Workattest as a Contributor

Your Single Source of Truth for all your
Ex-employee details

As a Workattest Contributor you can upload all your ex-employee details to Workattest and have data driven talent insights from Employees that have exited form your organization

Bulk Upload Ex-Employee Data

Easily upload your ex employee data with multiple Import document support

All-in-one Exit management

Easily manage all your Ex-employee verification requests at one place with all the necessary information

Effortless Integration

Easily Integrates with HRMS, SMTP, excel for enhanced exit management with Open API’s

WorkAttest as a Contributor

Data-driven insights to drive better attrition management

Searches made by various Verifier organizations provides insightful information on ex-employees movement and trends

Post Exit Company Insights

Easily find where most of your exited employees are moving to and analyze insights for retention

Designation based attrition Trends

Find what are the designation your exited employees are moving to and analyze your attrition trends

Location Based attrition trends

Top locations your exited employees are moving to and tweak your hiring and retention strategies

WorkAttest as a Verifier​

Search Ex-Employee records with multiple search options

Verifiers can use Employee name, designation and dob as search combinations to get accurate results

Master Verifier Dashboard

Have all your search requests, appeals easily accessible from verifier master dashboard

Multiple Options based Search

As a verifier, search an employee via name, employee code and Company details(on behalf of) to get the right result

Ex-Employee Consent/Authorization

All approvals (including but not limited to consent/authorization ) shall be submitted to WorkAttest for Compliance

WorkAttest as a Verifier

Verify your Ex-Employees records with complete details

Verifiers will have access to holistic ex-employee details so the verification is 100% accurate

Multiple Reports Formats

PDF and CSV formats and CSV file can be used to integrate with other applications.

Ex Employee Parameters

Have access to Ex employee meta data covering all key data points needed for verification which are contributed by Ex Employers themselves

Raise Request for Incomplete/Additional Data

As a Verifier if you feel that the results are incomplete, you can raise a request to Employers to upload missing details

WorkAttest as a Verifier​

Raise re-verification appeals within 24 hrs, in case of discrepancies

Verifiers can raise requests to Contributors in case of missing/wrong ex-employee information

Raise an Appeal for Discrepant data

As a Verifier if you feel that the results are incorrect, you can raise an appeal for re-verification within 24 hours of such discovery

Manage all your Appeals at One place

All appeals raised as a verifier can be managed at one place – Appeal dashboard

Real-Time Appeal Notifications

Any appeals responded by a contributor is notified to verifier in real time for faster ex-employee verifications

Best in Class Features to Improve overall Recruiter Experience

Background Check Verification Solution for a Seamless Ex-Employee Verification Journey

Enterprise Grade Security

AES -256 bit encryption and ISO-27001 grade security compliance

Role Based Access

Create multiple logins and control access level for each role as per business needs

Create Employer Groups

Employers can create exclusive groups for faster data sharing when hiring from one another

360 Degree Dashboards

Employers get 360-degree view of their ex-employee movement history, industries and companies they are losing employees to, and more..

Customizable Reports

Slice and Dice data as per your business needs and download reports in multiple formats- pdf, ppt, excel ,in real time

External Verifier Logins

Employers can also create external verifier logins in order to conduct ex- employment verifications

Integrated with Leading Industry Platforms

No coding required. Plug ‘n play integrations to connect your workflows across platforms. From HRMS, CRMs, ERPs to customer support apps, AuthBridge integrates with 140+ tools to make your journey smooth


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