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Screening Challenges within Travel and Hospitality Industry

Maintaining a consistent Customer experience with quality hires and partners is the biggest challenge with Travel & Hospitality Industry

No Negligent Hiring Risks

Risk to Safety and Security of Customers

Workers in the travel and hospitality industry often interact directly with  customers. Background checks help identify individuals with a history of violence, criminal behavior, or other potential risks, reducing the likelihood of incidents

Improved customer experience

Ensuring Consistent Customer Experience

Due diligence involves reviewing the operational aspects of the franchise, including its management team, staff qualifications, training programs, and overall efficiency , to see if they can deliver on the CX

Check Success Rate

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Travel & hospitality business deals with handling of Personable identifiable information of customers. Any data breach or security lapse might get you in a legal liability soup

Ensure a Safe and Sound Travel Experience for your Customers

Travel and Hospitality is all about Customer Experience and unscreened hires can be detrimental for your Business

Blue Collar Verifications

Travel is all about Experience, don't ruin it

Don’t let a bad hire ruin your reputation and customer satisfaction. Our advanced employee verification platform helps you screen out candidates with fake IDs, criminal records, drug problems, or low work standards. We make sure your front desk and housekeeping staff meet all the legal and regulatory requirements, and have the skills you need.

Travel is all about experience
Contractual workers also need to be screened

Contractual workforce Verification

Contractual Workers also need to be Screened

You don’t want to entrust your valuable assets to unverified contract workers. Our platform helps you check their identity, background, qualifications, work history and more. This way, you can avoid fraud, theft, violence or other business risks.

50+ Background Checks for Building a Trusted Workforce


Employment Verification


Aadhaar Verification



India Court Record


Social Media Check

Professional Reference

Your Brand reputation heavily depends on your Franchises and Partners

Providing a WoW Customer experience every time needs consistency, thus working with efficient, legitimate third party businesses is important

Franchise Verifications

Verification of Listings of Hotel Franchises

We help ensure that the hotel franchises are authorised and reliable partners that meet your quality standards and expectations. This helps improve customer trust in your brand, especially in a competitive market. This also helps you avoid potential legal, financial, and reputational risks that may arise from fraudulent or outdated listings of hotel franchises.

Verification of listing of hotel franchises
Ensure your travel agents are genuine

KYC of Travel Agents

Ensure your Travel Agents are Genuine

You deserve peace of mind when you run your travel business. That’s why we help you make sure your travel agents follow the IRDA guidelines on anti-money laundering. Our KYC features help you avoid identity theft, fraud, and terrorist funding. We also check that your agents have the IRCTC authorization to book tickets. This way, you can reduce reputational risk and get a clear picture of customer transactions.

100+ Business Due-Diligence Checks for right Business Onboarding


Defaulting Directors




Shops & Establishment

CIBIL Score Verification

Bank Statement Verification

Udyog Aadhaar Verification​

GSTIN View and Track Return

Expert insights at your finger tips.

All things Background verification, Due Diligence , candidate experience and more.



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