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KYC and Proof of Identity Navigating Compliance in India

KYC and Proof of Identity: Navigating Compliance in India

With digital transactions increasing in India, businesses must prioritize KYC compliance to verify their customer’s identities and prevent financial crime. One crucial aspect of KYC compliance is proof of identity (POI), which involves obtaining valid documents from customers to confirm their identity.   This article explains why POI is crucial

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Simplified Due Diligence Benefits, Process, Examples

Simplified Due Diligence: Benefits, Process, Examples

The objective of due diligence is to gather all relevant information to make informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize returns. However, traditional due diligence can be a lengthy, costly, and complicated process.    That’s where simplified due diligence comes into play. Simplified due diligence is a streamlined version of

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What is due diligence Process, Audits, and Reports

What is due diligence? Process, Audits, and Reports

What is Due Diligence? According to Investopedia, the term due diligence refers to an investigation, audit, or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. In the context of a business, due diligence means employing KYC/KYB procedures to ensure compliance, prevent fraud, and minimize risk exposure

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Know Your Business (KYB) Verification A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Know Your Business Verification (KYB)

Business verification is a 360-degree audit or investigation to evaluate any risk from a financial, legal, operational, or regulatory perspective. It is done before onboarding any business or forming any deal/relationship with the third parties to have prior knowledge of the risks involved. For example, when considering to take business services

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Client Onboarding Process to ensure due diligence of clients

Client Onboarding: Process to ensure due diligence of clients

What is client onboarding and due diligence? Client onboarding is the process of onboarding new clients into your business while ensuring due diligence. A seamless client onboarding process enables businesses to build the initial rapport with prospective clients, prevent impediments, and deliver an outstanding experience. Needless to say, a great

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What is supplier onboarding and process to onboard suppliers at scale

What is supplier onboarding and how to onboard new suppliers?

Supplier onboarding and due diligence is the process of gathering important information on prospective suppliers, vendors, distributors, or other third parties for identity validation and risk assessment. After 360-degree due diligence, businesses can onboard them into their platform for the smooth functioning of supply chain operations. The entire process of

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Third-Party Due Diligence EDD, AML Checks and Ongoing Monitoring

Third-Party Due Diligence: EDD, AML Checks and Ongoing Monitoring

Businesses rely on numerous third parties for the smooth running of key operations, increase profitability, and go to market faster. Third-party stakeholders such as suppliers, vendors, dealers, distributors, vendors, and merchants play an integral part in managing different functions of the supply chain. With the help of third parties, businesses

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Types of Electronic Signatures in India Which one is best for your business

Types of Electronic Signatures in India: Which one is best for your business?

Digitization has brought a paradigm shift in the Indian business landscape by making critical business processes more efficient and easier. From leading businesses to SMEs, everyone is leveraging digital solutions to run operations 10x faster and keep their business safe and compliant. Talking about digital solutions, ‘e-signature’ is becoming one

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5-Point Guide Choose a 3rd Party Onboarding Solution

5-Point Guide: Choose a 3rd Party Onboarding Solution

Ever experienced difficulties evaluating an onboarding solution for individuals, agencies, or third-party businesses? Do they all look the same, making it difficult for you to identify the best? If the answer to all the questions is yes, you have landed in the right place. We have collated a step by

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Automating onboarding for insurance agents

Automating onboarding for insurance agents

Insurance companies rely heavily on their agents as a sales channel. But this channel has it’s own share of problems. Mis-selling and frauds by agents has been a big problem for insurance companies and IRDA for a long time now. The insurance penetration in India is less than 4% which

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