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10th,12th marksheet verification

Need For 10th, 12th Marksheet Verification In India For Employers

Importance of Marksheet Verification Marksheet verification is crucial for maintaining the integrity of educational qualifications in India. With the rise in counterfeit documents, this process ensures that the academic credentials presented by individuals are genuine and reflect their true educational achievements. This verification is vital for employers, educational institutions, and

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Blue Collar Vs White Collar Employees - How Background Verification Differs

Blue Collar Vs White Collar Employees – How Background Verification Differs

Blue-collar and White-collar are terms used to differentiate between two different types of employees based on the nature of their work, acquired skills, educational backgrounds, and the type of work environment they typically operate in. Blue-Collar, White-Collar Workers: Historical Background And Evolution The terms “blue-collar” and “white-collar” originated in the

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Employee Background Verification (BGV) Companies in Hyderabad

Employee Background Verification (BGV) Companies in Hyderabad

What Makes AuthBridge a Leading Background Verification Company Serving in Hyderabad? Hyderabad is home to a few unique, promising, and scalable start-ups which have the potential to be among the top companies in the nation. It has been ranked high to live and work across the country. Keeping this in

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3 Onboarding Hacks to Build the Next-Gen Workforce

3 Onboarding Hacks to Build the Next-Gen Workforce

In 2020, a pandemic-driven disruption took place in the job market and inspired companies to level up their ‘new-hire’ onboarding. From verifying education qualifications to past employment and exact identity verifications, companies check all relevant credentials to ensure it’s the right candidate to carry forward their brand values. That’s because

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Employee Onboarding in the New Normal

Amidst the pandemic, the hiring market is already tense. And the next wave could be worse than the second wave situation. So, employing efficient ways to onboard employees help the organization to ensure sustainability. According to Brand Hall Group, preeminent research, and analyst firm, organisations with a strong onboarding process

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Top Hiring Trends How to Stay Relevant in 2022

Top Hiring Trends: How to Stay Relevant in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in great uncertainty across industries, including the HR fraternity. A recent survey has revealed dramatic shifts in the job market. India’s hiring rate has grown to 43% in October 2021, a lot more than in the pre-pandemic era. ( Source: ET) The overall hiring graph

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How Does An Ex-Employee Repository Ease Out Employment Verification_

How Does An Ex-Employee Repository Ease Out Employment Verification?

Employment verification is a necessary and vital part of any hiring process. It helps companies make the right hiring choices by enabling them to conduct comprehensive pre-employment verification on their candidates. One way to make the process of employment verification faster and enable it to deliver more reliable results is through exit

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Pre-Employment Background Checks During Pandemic - Benefits, Hurdles, and Challenges

Pre-employment Background Checks During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to global unrest and affected thousands of lives around the world. And there is no denying that the business world has been the hardest hit due to the pandemic. Organizations are trying to adapt to the new normal as they plan their strategies to move

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- Mr. Satyasiva Sundar Ruutray
Vice President, F&A Commercial,

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