Distributor Onboarding and Risk Management Solution

Digitize your distributor onboarding while building a network of trusted distributor partnerships

Trusted by 2,000+ companies

Transforming Distributor Onboarding and Screening

Automating the entire distributor onboarding and verification process

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No More Scattered Data

Do away with the manual collection of distributor verification documents to get all the information for multiple distributors on a single platform.

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Compliance Management

Streamline distributors’ adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements with an enterprise-ready distributor onboarding and verification solution.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Absence of Risk Framework

Eliminate compliance failures and huge financial, and reputational losses by establishing proper due diligence and risk mitigation process for distributor partners.

Resolving Conflict of Interest

Two-way Sync with ERPs & DMS

Integrate with leading distributor management systems to monitor your distributor network and identify any gaps, gain actionable insights, and forecasting purposes.

How to do Distributor Due Diligence?​

Distributor Onboarding and Due Diligence Process​


AuthBridge's Distributor Due Diligence Solution

Elevate your Distributor Onboarding Process

Distributor risk mitigation at every step of the onboarding journey



Initiate Distributor Registration across Multiple Channels

Initiate the registration process for your distributors by sending the invitation link through multiple channels like email, SMS, or WhatsApp. You can choose to individually initiate the distributor onboarding process or bulk upload the details.






Initiate Distributor
Automating Distributor


Automating Distributor Data Collection

Let the distributor log in to the OnboardX portal and upload their documents eliminating paper-based, manual document collection. Set up configurable workflows to automate the collection of distributor documents such as PoI, PoA, GSTIN number, PAN, TAN, DIN, CIN and others to avoid manual errors while reducing the onboarding TAT.


Intuitive UI


Multilingual Forms

Pre-built Templates

Customizable Platform

Risk Management2

Risk Management

Distributor Due Diligence for Risk Mitigation

Validate the authenticity of the distributor, and evaluate their business health, reputational history, financial checks and other parameters to conduct effective due diligence using an expansive proprietary database combined with on-field capabilities. Doing this prevents fraud, reputational damage and other negative financial implication.

Industry Leading TAT

Proprietary Technology

site visit2

Site Visits

API based verification

50+ Business Verification Checks

Due Diligence for risk management
Streamline Approvals
Financial Records

Approval Management

Seamless Workflows for Approval Management

Overcome the delays with approvals by setting up automated workflows to remind all the stakeholders like the sales team, legal or business teams to vet the distributor and provide necessary approvals. Automating the approval process saves time and fastracks the finalization of the best distributor for your business.

Pre-built Templates

Configurable Workflows


Approval Automation

Distributor Contracting

Financial Records

Digital Contracting

Digitally Sign Distributor Agreements

Do not let signing distributor agreements and contracts become a bottleneck. Make use of our digital signing tool to allow your distributors to upload their e-signatures or sign the contracts, documents and stamp papers using Aadhaar e-signature to close the deal faster. Collaborate with multiple parties to co-sign the contracts with complete transparency.




Multi-party Co-signature

Financial Records

Aadhaar Signature

Digital Signing for faster contract management
Easy Integration with enterprise-grade ERPs

Seamless Connectivity

Easy Integration with Enterprise-grade ERPs and Distributor Management Systems

Easily integrate with leading distributor management systems and ERPs such as SAP, Tally, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoho, and HANA to effectively use your existing systems while enjoying the benefits of new technology. Have complete visibility of ongoing engagement between different business functions with a common distributor to avoid chaos and improve operational efficiency.


Two-way Sync

API integration

API Integration

FTP integration

FTP/SFTP Integration

Risk Management2

Risk Assessment

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Protect your business from any reputational, financial or identity risks by proactive continuous assessment of your distributors after they have been onboarded. Conduct frequent checks through public domain, subscribed databases, and sourced inquiries with industry experts such as EPFO compliance, GSTIN compliance, and Company court record check to be on top of probable risks or compliance gaps.

360 degree

360-degree Profiling

API based verification

Statutory Compliances and Legal Checks


Standard Reports for Faster TAT

Proactive Risk watch to monitor

AuthBridge’s Distributor Onboarding and Management Solution

Built for Success at Every Step of the Distributor Onboarding Journey

Single Sign-on

For Secure User Authentication and Compliance

Multi-channel Engagement

To Streamline communication

Interactive Dashboards & Custom Reports

Real-time tracking of case status

Multilingual Forms

For expanding the reach and improving conversions

Vendor Repository

To create a list of all the distributors for future use

1Bn+ Proprietary Database

For quicker verification and turnaround time (TAT)

Integration with ERP/CRMs

Two-way communication across multiple channels

Customized Alerts and Notifications

To keep track of case status and notify stakeholders

100+ Distributor Screening and Onboarding Checks

Built for Success at Every Step of the Onboarding Journey

Udyog Aadhaar

Bank Account Verification

Defaulting Directors Check

TIN Check

Business Address Verification

GSTIN Verification

Pan Verification

PAN Card Verification

Politically Exposed Person

DIN Verification

Court Record Check

Crime Wathchlist

FSSAI License

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All things Background verification, Due Diligence , candidate experience and more.



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Case Study

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Learn how a leading media firm used AuthBridge’s business partner due diligence solution to conduct due diligence on prospective suppliers 


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