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Offering comprehensive up-to-date and authentic sources of data covering data of Indian Corporate Financials, Litigations, Regulatory information, Audit Reports, and Web and Media Presence


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Probable Risks by Engaging with Fraudulent Entities

Partnering with Fraudulent Business entities can have legal, financial and reputational risks

Ensure Financial and Legal Compliance

Legal and Compliance

Engaging with fraudulent entities may result in legal complications, including lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and potential fines.

Mitigate Operational Business Risks

Operational Business

Collaborating with illegitimate business entities can disrupt business operations and supply chains, affecting productivity and overall efficiency

Improved customer experience

Broken Customer

Fraudulent partners can actually harm customers by providing substandard products or services, compromising customer safety, trust and confidence in your Brand

Trust enabler for Corporates and SMBs

Your one stop ‘encyclopedia’ for accurate and credible business research


Onboard only reliable Businesses

Our AI-powered onboarding and corporate intelligence solution provides you in-depth reporting on litigations, financials, audit reports and compliances that provides you with detailed insights into your business partners. This helps you build a secure business partner ecosystem by ensuring you work with only genuine and legitimate vendors, distributors, or other partners.

Financial Assessment

Compliance Assessment

Director Assessment

Company Information & Facts

Build Partnerships based on Facts

Have access to granular level details of a Company’s facts and figures- ownership details, structure, outstanding debts, loans , insurance coverage and other exact liabilities. Don’t limit you due diligence to broad level of legal , financial and compliance checks

Form Filled with ROC's

Balance Sheets

Loans and Mortgages

Negative Due Diligence

Take Extra Care with Negative Due Diligence

Validate if the company you want to partner with is not part of Global Sanction lists, see if the Directors are Politically exposed or if they are part of Nationalized Bank defaulter’s list. Based on the level of partnerships, you can add these checks to your standard company due diligence



Credit Default Checks


Key Due Diligence Parameters of Corporate/Business Intelligence​

Business Intelligence so you are covered at all times


CIN, incorporation details, registered address, authorized/paid-up capital and more details

Charges - Loans and Mortgages​

A charge by a company on its assets and properties in favour of a financial institution


Present and past directorship details of the company

Financials and Ratios

Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, capital structure, financial ratios, and more details


Shareholders and shares held by Directors, Companies and Individuals 


Details of other businesses related to a company -holding companies, subsidiaries, joint

Watch List

A criminal record check for a company or its key stakeholders with the state police, CBI, Interpol, WCCB, NIA etc.

Reputational Risk Database Check

Search for an entity or key stakeholders in Indian regulatory databases- SEBI, RBI, MCA, BSE, RBI, NSE etc.

Expert insights at your finger tips.

All things Background verification, Due Diligence , candidate experience and more.



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