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Overcoming the Challenges with Blue Collar Verification

Easiest, most flexible, and most delightful employment background check experience

Identity Misrepresentation

Identity Misrepresentation

Check for the genuineness of the blue collar workforce to safeguard your business from the risk of identity theft.

Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns

Insufficient screening can expose your business to potential safety hazards by hiring individuals with criminal records or disciplinary issues.

High Turnover

High Turnover

Inadequate screening leads to higher turnover rates, adding unnecessary costs and disruptions to your operations.

The Process of Blue Collar Verification

Step 1

Collecting PoI and PoA documents (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, electricity bill, etc)


Step 2

OCR based extraction to run real-time check 

Step 3

Worker clicks a selfie and we matches that with the photo on ID document

Step 4

The verification is done. In case of insufficiency, the worker can re-upload.

Blue Collar Workforce

Unlocking the Power of Trust with AuthBridge's Blue Collar Screening Solution

Comprehensive blue collar screening solution to help you build a team that will drive your success.



Full-Scale Screening Solutions

A wide range of blue collar verification services tailored to meet the demands of the business. From criminal background checks and drug testing to license verification and skills assessments, our solutions leave no stone unturned in ensuring you hire the right blue-collar workforce.

API based verification

150+ Instant Checks

99 accuracy

Industry Leading TAT

PEP and sanction

99.9% Accuracy

360 degree

360-degree View

Consolidated View of Blue-Collar Verifications.

Have complete visibility of your blue collar verification status on one screen. Know how many workers have not started the verification process or how many cases are still pending and completed. Graphical representation of all the verification information for easy consumption.


Automated Reporting


Single View of Cases


Report Scheduling



Automate & Standardize your Verification Process

Do away with manual entry of documents in different languages leading to complete data discrepancy across the database. Automate the blue-collar onboarding and verification process for a seamless and chaos free experience.

criminal database

Digital Data Collection


Multilingual Forms


Eliminate Human Error

Customer Support​ FAQ


Unrivaled Customer Support

From pre-onboarding to post-onboarding, we are there with you every step of the way. 24X7 assistance to tutorial videos and FAQs, we are here to make the process a breeze for your HR and recruitment teams along with the blue collar employees.





Multi-channel Support

Integrated with Leading Industry Platforms

No coding required. Plug ‘n play integrations to connect your workflows across platforms. From HRMS, CRMs, ERPs to customer support apps, AuthBridge integrates with 140+ tools to make your journey smooth


Background Verification Checks for Blue Collar Employee Screening

Authenticate your blue-collar workforce verification with extensive verification checks

Court Record Check

Aadhaar Verification

PAN Card Verification

Voter ID Verification

Police Verification

Drug Test

Address Verification

Driving License Verification

RC Verification

Reference Check

Electricity Bill Verification

Face Verification

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