Video KYC Solution (V-CIP) for instant online verification

Our Video KYC Solution digitises customer onboarding journeys end-to-end with liveness detection, OCR, and geotagging capabilities, adding speed, scale and security to your customer onboarding process. Using Video KYC for customer onboarding can help your organisation in saving operational costs by up to 70% and reducing KYC turnaround time by up to 90%. Banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, insurance, logistics, telecom companies, mobile wallets and P2P marketplaces can use Video KYC to enhance customer experience and catch identity and financial frauds before onboarding customers.


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Digitizing the KYC Process

Benefits of Video KYC Solution for Business and BFSI
Loan and credit card fraud

Up to 70% Cost Reduction

Integratable POI/POA checks for instant KYC verification


Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Fast and accurate assessment using AI-based technology

Physical Document submissions

Zero Physical Documentation

End-to-end digital data verification for faster onboarding

authentic and data verified_icon

Be 100% Compliant

Complete compliance to AML and data protection regulations

How to Do Video KYC?

AI-powered Customer Identification Every Step of the Way

Step by step guide to Video KYC Process

Step 1

Customer Application Initiation


Step 2

Instant PAN Card OCR and Verification


Step 3

Offline Aadhaar Verification/ OTP based eKYC

Digital Address Verification Services in real-time from the comfort of your space

Step 4

Geolocation Tracking of Customer

Step 5

Automatic Agent Assignment by REs


Step 6

Random Question Verification

Step 7

Screenshot capture and liveliness check

Step 8

Generating KYC Verification Report

AuthBridge's Video KYC Solution

Digital Transformation of Customer Onboarding Journey

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create real-time, contact less onboarding journeys through Video KYC. Enhance your customer experience and scale up faster.


Reduce onboarding time and costs, stay RBI-compliant

Verify and validate personal and professional details of customers, vendors, business partners, etc. at speed and scale, eliminating paperwork and delays. Our Video KYC makes customer onboarding remote, paperless, and saves your operational costs by up to 70% while remaining data-security compliant and ensuring complete adherence to the latest RBI guidelines.



Cost Efficient


Financial Fraud

Catch identity and financial frauds before onboarding

Our Video KYC process uses liveness detection technology to determine and validate customer’s identity in real-time. It does so by comparing user’s live image with the uploaded national identity document using biometric anti-spoof algorithms. In this way, Video KYC helps in mitigating the risks of identity thefts and financial frauds before onboarding customers in banks, NBFCs, mobile wallets, gaming and P2P marketplaces.

Fraud Prevention


Liveliness Detection


Reduced customer application drop-out rates

Our Video KYC solutions eliminate cumbersome paperwork and manual document submission helping you enhance your customer experience and reduce customer application drop-out rates

Customer Satisfaction

Remote Onboarding

Automated Journey


Regulatory Requirement for Video KYC

Video KYC Solution for Every Regulatory Requirement

RBI and SEBI complaint V-KYC Solution

Regulatory RequirementVideo KYC Solution
Live photo of the customerScreenshot capture for customer's physical presence
PAN image capture & VerificationInstant PAN validation from NSDL with name match
Face matchReal-time selfie face match with NID to generate face match score
Identity details validationOCR enabled data extraction and verification with high image quality processing
Geo taggingGeo-location capture to ensure customer’s physical presence in India
Randomizing of questionsCustomizable security questions and activities using workflow
Aadhaar number maskingReal-time redaction of Aadhaar number
Geo-stamped Video storageEnd to end encrypted video file storage, date and time stamping, archiving and labeling
Prior consent of customerCompliance with GDPR and other data privacy frameworks
Aadhaar offline verificationOKYC and XML generation date validation
Secure interactionEnd-to-end audio and video encryption

Video KYC Verification Solution

Features of #1 Video KYC Solution

Plug n Play Integration

100% Compliant

End-to-end data encryption with 256 algorithm

Auto Purge Policy

Dashboard for Concurrent Audit

Face Verification


OCR (Optical Character recognition)

Document Verification with Digilocker

IP Address Spoofing Prevention

RE Agent Training

Remote Customer Onboarding

AuthBridge FAQs

Can’t find the answer here?

Yes. As per RBI’s guidelines, RBI Regulated Entities (REs) can do Video KYC verification of their customers with their consent.

Video Identity Verification or Video KYC is compliant with RBI’s latest guidelines only when it is facilitated by RBI Regulated Entities (REs) in consent with the customer.

For other non-regulated /semi-regulated industries we can help to conduct assisted and non-assisted Video KYC processes to help mitigate risks of identity and location spoofing along with liveness detection tests of the individual.

As per RBI guidelines, the videos are to be stored on the Regulated entities’ servers. For certain industries like gaming, aggregators, logistics, etc., there are no such guidelines and hence AuthBridge can help to eliminate storage issues by providing the storage facilities on our server.

V-CIP or Video KYC is compliant with RBI’s latest guidelines only when it is facilitated by RBI Regulated Entities (REs) in consent with the customer.

It is important to verify customers to establish that the customer is who they say they are. Customer verification through KYC Solutions is also important to protect from crimes such as fraud, identity theft and money laundering in compliance with the guidelines of regulatory authorities. Failure to identify fraudulent customers and curb the illegal use of a financial service by such a customer can also attract hefty penalties and punishment from regulatory authorities.

Yes, consent-based V-CIP (Video-based Customer Identification Process) is permitted as per the orders by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to allow banks, financial institutions, mobile wallets and other businesses to remotely verify their customers and complete their KYC processes. Also, SEBI regulated entities are permitted Video KYC for customers to onboard them remotely

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