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Driving License Verification

Identify counterfeit and forged DLs, used for illegitimate purposes, in real-time and seamlessly onboard customers and third parties with plug and play Driver License Verification API.

Driving License Verification

Real Time Driving License Verification API

driving license verification api

Driving License Verification API Features

Real-Time Verification via OCR

Quickly validates driving licenses from government databases.

High Accuracy with the help of AI-ML

Ensures accurate verification results.

Automating Workflows

Automates approval workflows, reducing manual effort.

Trusted by 2,000+ companies

Fast. Accurate. Efficient.

Your line of defense against impersonation frauds and stolen identities 


Check Success Rate


Verification Accuracy

1 - 5 Secs

Response Time

DL Verification

What is Driving License Verification?

A driver’s license is one of the most easily forged documents as it does not include enhanced security features like identity cards or passports.

With driver license verification API you can:

What is Driving License Verification_

How to do Driving License Verification?

How AuthBridge’s Driving License Verification API Works?

Online DL Verification Done In Seconds!


Enter DL number and DOB


Driving license API verifies the details from Parivahan Sewa and other government database


Fetch instantaneous verification responses for the following data points: DL number, owner’s name father’s name, DOB, address, etc.

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FAQ's on Driving License Verification API

Driving License Verification is a critical process that helps businesses and organizations to authenticate the validity of a driving license provided by an individual. AuthBridge utilizes an API for this verification, checking driving license details online against official databases to authenticate them swiftly and efficiently.

The process is straightforward and digital:

  1. Input the driving license number and date of birth into the API.
  2. The API verifies these details against government databases such as Parivahan Sewa.
  3. It then provides immediate verification responses, including the DL number, holder’s name, father’s name, date of birth, address, and other related information.

Driving License Verification is crucial for:

  • Ensuring the authenticity of the driving license for onboarding and compliance purposes.
  • Preventing impersonation fraud and identity theft.
  • Ensuring that individuals, especially those in driver-dependent roles, possess a valid license.

Yes, AuthBridge’s Driving License Verification can be integrated with a range of other verification services, including Aadhaar Verification, PAN Card Verification, Passport Verification, and more, to provide a holistic approach to identity verification.

AuthBridge prides itself on a rapid verification process, boasting a 99.9% check success rate, 99% verification accuracy, and response times between 1 to 5 seconds for instant verification checks.

The service verifies several key data points, including the license number, holder’s name, father’s name, date of birth, address, and validity, among others. This comprehensive verification aids in confirming the individual’s identity and eligibility to drive.

Driving License Verification API: A Comprehensive Guide

Instantly verify driving licenses with our high-accuracy API. Ensure authenticity, prevent fraud, and streamline compliance. Read on to know more.

Table of Contents

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In the modern tech-savvy world, ensuring the authenticity of driving licences has become crucial for businesses and government agencies alike. AuthBridge’s Driving Licence Verification API provides an automated solution for verifying the validity of driving licences in real-time. By leveraging advanced technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning, this API cross-references data with government databases to ensure accuracy and reliability.


This technology is invaluable for sectors that require quick and reliable verification of driving credentials, such as financial institutions, car rental services, and employment background checks.

Benefits of Using a Driving License API

  • Enhanced Security

Utilising a Driving Licence Verification API significantly enhances security for businesses and organisations. By verifying the authenticity of driving licences in real-time, companies can prevent fraudulent activities and ensure that only legitimate credentials are accepted. This is particularly crucial for sectors like financial services, where identity verification is a key component of risk management. 

  • Operational Efficiency

The automation provided by the Driving Licence Verification API leads to substantial improvements in operational efficiency. Manual verification processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. Automating this task not only speeds up the process but also ensures higher accuracy. For instance, a bank can process loan applications faster by instantly verifying the applicant’s driving licence, thereby reducing the turnaround time and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

In many regions, regulatory frameworks mandate stringent identity verification procedures to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes. The Driving Licence Verification API helps businesses adhere to these regulations by providing a reliable and compliant method of verifying identities. This ensures that companies meet their legal obligations while maintaining the integrity of their operations.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Implementing a Driving Licence Verification API can be cost-effective in the long run. By reducing the need for manual verification, businesses can save on labour costs and minimise the risk of financial losses due to fraud. Additionally, the improved efficiency and accuracy lead to better resource utilisation, allowing companies to focus on core activities rather than verification processes.

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Steps to Integrate Driving License Verification API

Implementing a Driving Licence Verification API involves several steps to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance:


  1. Assess Requirements: Understand the specific needs of your business. Identify the volume of licences to be verified, the integration points, and any custom requirements.
  2. Select an API Provider: Choose a reliable API provider like AuthBridge. Consider factors such as API features, pricing, and support.
  3. API Documentation Review: Thoroughly review the API documentation provided by the chosen provider. This will help understand the endpoints, request formats, and response structures.
  4. Integration Setup: Integrate the API with your existing systems. This usually involves configuring your application to send verification requests to the API and handle the responses.
  5. Testing: Conduct thorough testing using sample data to ensure that the integration works correctly and efficiently. Test for various scenarios to ensure robustness.
  6. Deployment: Once testing is complete, deploy the solution into your production environment. Monitor the integration closely for any issues post-deployment.
  7. Training and Support: Train your staff on how to use the new system and provide ongoing support to address any queries or technical issues.

Use Cases of Driving License APIs

  • Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, including banks and NBFCs, extensively use Driving Licence Verification APIs to streamline the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. By instantly verifying a customer’s driving licence, these institutions can quickly establish the authenticity of the individual’s identity, reducing the time and effort required for manual verification. This is particularly useful during the loan approval process, where timely and accurate verification can expedite loan disbursements and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Car Rental Services

Car rental services leverage Driving Licence Verification APIs to authenticate the driving credentials of their customers. This ensures that only individuals with valid licences can rent vehicles, thereby minimising the risk of fraud and enhancing safety. Real-time verification helps these companies swiftly process rentals, providing a seamless experience for customers while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Employment Background Checks

Employers and recruitment agencies use Driving Licence Verification APIs as part of their comprehensive background check processes. Verifying the driving licence of potential employees helps confirm their identity and ensure that they hold a valid licence, which is crucial for roles that involve driving. This process helps in maintaining a safe and compliant workforce, particularly in industries such as logistics and transportation.

  • Government Agencies

Government agencies utilise Driving Licence Verification APIs to ensure the authenticity of driving licences for various administrative processes. This includes verifying the identity of citizens applying for government services, welfare schemes, or subsidies. By integrating these APIs, agencies can enhance the efficiency and reliability of their verification processes, ensuring that services are provided to legitimate beneficiaries.

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