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Identity theft

Reduce Turnaround Time

Fast and accurate white collar employee screening process to ensure comprehensive verification outcomes within record time. 

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Leverage our expansive proprietary database and advanced analytics to get accurate and reliable verification results you can trust.

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Effortlessly handle verifications at any scale, no matter how large or complex your hiring & screening needs may be

Process of White Collar Verification

Customize White-collar Employee Verification in 4 Easy Steps

Create a customized background verification process tailored to your unique needs.

Step 1

Share your verification requirements with us.

Step 2

Define the scope with customized checks for every stage.

Step 3

Define risk matrix based on employee type and nature of business

Step 4

We recommend the list of verification checks based on business requirements

AuthBridge's White Collar Employee Verification

Revolutionize Your White-collar Verification Process

Elevate your white collar employee background verification process with unmatched accuracy & limitless scalability.

PEP criminal database

Background Verification

Complete White-collar Verifications Faster

We understand the urgency to onboard top talent promptly. Our platform is engineered for speed and efficiency, ensuring you receive comprehensive results within industry-leading turnaround times. By leveraging our extensive resources and advanced technology, you can expedite your onboarding & screening process without compromising on quality or accuracy.

criminal database

NID Checks

criminal database-2

Court Record Check

Financial Records

Financial Records


Customer Support

Ensure Peace of Mind with Unmatched Support

We are with you every step of the way. Dedicated helplines and customer support for both the employees as well as the business. Multi-channel customer support to resolve all your requests faster and satisfactorily.





Tailor Made

Build Your Own Verification Process with Customizable Workflows

Enjoy the the flexibility to customize screening workflows according to your specific requirements. Tailor the workflows to your organization’s needs, add or remove specific components, and establish a smooth, digital onboarding journey without any paperwork.




customizable report

Custom Made


Easy Integration

Smooth Operations with Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading HRMS solutions (such as Zoho Recruit, Darwinbox, GreytHR, Keka, ZingHR, etc.) and ATS (applicant tracking system), allowing you to optimize your existing infrastructure and streamline your processes. Our open APIs enable smooth integration with leading systems.



advanced tech stack

Applicant Tracking System

faster TAT

Rest APIs


Security and Compliance

Elevate Standards with Enterprise-Grade Quality and Security

We prioritize quality management and data security and continuously strive for customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional services that meet the highest standards. We ensure compliance with enterprise-grade security regulations to safeguard your information and maintain confidentiality.

ISO-27001: 2013

Financial Records

ISO-9001 : 2015


Global Compliance


200+ Background Verification Checks

List of verification checks to run background verification for white collar employees

Education Check

PAN Card Verification

Bank Account Verification

Aadhaar Card Verification

Employment Check

Professional Reference Check

Voter ID Verification

Address Verification Check

Police Verification

Court Record Check

Drug Test

Social Media Check

With services like background verification, court record check, police verification AuthBridge has helped us provide the desired customer experience.

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FAQs around White-Collar Screening

White collar screening typically involves the process of evaluating individuals for employment or other professional purposes, particularly in office or corporate settings.

To assess candidates qualifications, backgrounds, and suitability for positions that involve professional or managerial responsibilities.

White collar screening is essential for mitigating risks, maintaining trust, and fostering a culture of integrity and professionalism within organizations and to check the authenticity of the employee.

White collar employee screening typically involves several steps starting from different background checks like, NID verification, Criminal background checks etc.

The checks conducted in the background verification process for blue-collar and white-collar employees may differ based on the nature of work, the level of trust, and the responsibility involved in the job.

The verifier verifies details about the candidate such as, Employment history, Educational history, Court record checks, NID checks etc.

Authbridge uses a personalised screening workflow for digital onboarding journeys without any paperwork involving different sets of checks, by delivering exceptional services that meet the highest standards.

AuthBridge’s robust background verification solution powers your white-collar screening process with real-time verification capabilities. By leveraging database-driven checks, businesses can conduct thousands of verifications in minutes and yield accurate results 10X faster. 

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