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AuthBridge launches new and improved iBRIDGE 2.0

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Newsroom | Leveraging AI for Blue-Collar Recruitment: A Critical Examination of Challenges & Benefits

Leveraging AI for Blue-Collar Recruitment: A Critical Examination of Challenges & Benefits AI has permeated almost every corner of our lives, and the recruitment sector is no exception. While traditional hiring methods have long been the cornerstone of blue-collar recruitment, they have inherent limitations. Manual processes, paperwork, lack of transparency,

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Newsroom | Upholding Ethical and Professional Integrity in AI-led Vendor-Managed Background Screening

Upholding Ethical And Professional Integrity In AI-Led Vendor-Managed Background Screening In today’s competitive market, achieving success mostly relies on swiftly adapting to market shifts, harnessing futuristic AI/ML technologies, and continually enhancing the value proposition. However, there is a looming risk that the relentless drive to stay ahead might eclipse the

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Newsroom | Role of technology in reducing online payment frauds

Role of Technology in Reducing Online Payment Frauds In an interaction with CEO Insights India Magazine, Pratyush Chandramadhur, CBO, AuthBridge expressed his thoughts about the notable increase in worries surrounding fraudulent payments, as well as novel concepts aimed at enhancing technology for preventing fraud. Also, he provides effective approaches for

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Newsroom | A Regulated Gaming Lexicon

Arjit Bhargava in an interesting conversation with BW Business world about online real-money gaming sector and the new regulations BW Businessworld had an interesting conversation with Arjit Bhargava, Senior Vice President of AuthBridge Research Services about the real-money gaming sector and how the future seems to be for this booming

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