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Automate verification and scale up using TruthScreen™

Verify your customers in real-time with TruthScreen™ – our AI-enabled KYC and risk profiling product that delivers data-based insights about your customers, employees and business partners. TruthScreen™ is built on capabilities like OCR, facial recognition and liveness detection that help you validate identity in real-time, at scale. Automating verification and KYC processes also means relief for your customers from excessive form-filling and physical documentation

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Verify everyone you work with TruthScreen

Authenticate everyone you work with –employees, customers and business partners. Get business intelligence so your investments are always covered.

Leverage paperless, contactless verification for enhanced customer experience

Delight your customers with zero paperwork and assure them a safe and contactless onboarding experience in the post-pandemic world. Users can simply enter their details, upload and sign documents and have their identity verified in real-time using face recognition, liveness detection and OCR technologies, helping you onboard people at speed and scale.

Faster go-to-market, reduced onboarding costs

Our AI-powered, data-compliant verification technology comes as a web platform or an SDK accelerating your organisation to go-to-market faster than before. Having an automated verification solution in place helps you initiate identity check cases in bulk so your organisation can scale up and profit from reduced customer onboarding costs.

Get access to India’s largest public and proprietary databases

Access India’s largest public and proprietary databases that can scan 200+ million civil and criminal records in a matter of seconds. It leverages the power of AI to search for various sets of permutations and combinations of that name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts and 200M+ records

Key checks in TruthScreen™

TruthScreen™ comprises verification checks for both individuals and businesses. Enhance your customer onboarding experience with checks for individuals and make faster business decisions with checks for businesses

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Use Cases

TruthScreen™ is trusted by several banks and NBFCs to make loan journeys faster, safer and simpler. New-age companies in the on-demand economy verify and onboard blue-collar employees at scale in minutes using TruthScreen™.

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Banks/ NBFCs

Covering digital account opening, personal loan, and SME lending journeys

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Customer onboarding and pre-issuance verification

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On-Demand and Blue-Collar

Onboarding and authentication

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Online Gaming

Onboarding and authentication

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Employee onboarding and verification

FAQs for the ever curious

  • Which industries should conduct KYC?

    Any industry where risk of money laundering, terrorist financing and risk threat from customers looms, should conduct KYC. Apart from banks, insurance companies, NBFCs and other financial institutions, mobile wallets and companies in telecom, logistics, online gaming and P2P marketplaces should also conduct KYC.

  • What are the different types of KYC we can do for our customers?

    AuthBridge can help to conduct regulatory compliance (depending on the type of industry we are catering to), eKYC (offline Aadhaar-based), digital KYC and V-CIP for remote customer onboarding. We also conduct image-based KYC and Video-based KYC for industries like Carpooling, Gaming, Logistics, etc. Also, in-person-verifications can be conducted as per regulatory compliance and customer requirements.

  • Is Aadhar-based KYC allowed?

    Aadhar-based KYC is allowed for a few sectors strictly based on the consumer/user consent. These sectors majorly include banks and financial institutions, RBI and SEBI regulated entities. Aadhaar is not mandated for buying SIM, getting pensions, buying insurance as per current compliance by the respective regulatory watchdogs. It can be used as valid PoI and PoA, provided the customer shares the same.

  • What are the different categories of checks that AuthBridge supports through its TruthScreen API platform?

    The different categories of checks that we support through our TruthScreen™ API are divided into business and individual checks. For businesses, we offer Business Entity Verification, Service and Tax Registration Verification, Director Verification, Criminal and Civil Litigation searches and more. For individuals, we offer National Identity Verification, Utility Bills Verification, Professional License Verification, Criminal and Civil Litigation Searches, Bank Detail verification, Employment Check using Form 26As, Credit Rating, etc. also forms a part of the set of the API suite.

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