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AuthBridge offers cutting edge authentication technology for 1500+ modern businesses, seamlessly delivering identity and background verification for their users, employees and other business stakeholders. We work across industries and clients, including many fortune 500 companies.

Our Technology

Our secure, customizable and API integrable technology delivers identity and background checks in quick time, catering to business across industries.

iBridge: Automating Employee Background Screening

End-to-end digital onboarding and screening

Key Features :

  • Fastest turn-around-time
  • Powerful dashboard with real-time tracking
  • Compatible APIs for your HRMS and ATS
WorkAttest: Automating Ex-Employee Verification

End-to-end exit-employee management, with in-built insights and analytics

Key Features :

  • An automated and completely secure platform
  • Data analytics offering insights on attrition
  • Simple login with varied levels of access
CorpVeda: Insight-driven corporate intelligence platform for varying business due diligence needs

Insight-driven corporate intelligence for varying business due diligence needs

Key Features :

  • Accurate and insight-driven reporting
  • Quick turnaround for faster decisions
  • Robust and highly customizable client-end processes
TruthScreen: Automating Onboarding and Authentication to enable turst

Real time individual and business verification

Key Features :

  • Simple API-based integration
  • Data security compliant with global standards
  • Custom workflows
Global Capabilities

Over the last 14 years, AuthBridge has built an extensive network of global partners across 140 countries and provides a locally compliant background screening service. Our robust and tech-savvy processes are designed in accordance with the laws applicable in these geographies to deliver accurate results.

We Serve Across Industries
Our identity and background verification products can easily be adapted by SMEs and large enterprises.

Our Memberships & Certifications