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Identity Misrepresentation


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Provide a seamless onboarding experience, improving user satisfaction

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Unleash Excellence with Our Epic Integrations

Get ready to redefine onboarding greatness with our epic integration solutions

For the HRs

Empowering Seamless Onboarding Journeys from your HRMS/ATS

Seamless integration between your HRMS and Applicant tracking systems for end-to-end management of background verification process.

Real-time Status Updates

Leverage our huge negative records and databases like civil and criminal litigation, advanced web and media searches, credit defaulters list, crime watchlists, violation of regulations, and reputational risk with unstructured and semi-structured availability of data points in a single platform.

Comprehensive Check Reports

Get instant access to in-depth background check reports, all within your HRMS environment. Stay fully informed and make well-informed decisions with unparalleled ease.

Tackle Information Insufficiency

Verification of name and address against datasets from 3500+ courts, police FIRs, crime watchlists and thousands of tribunals across India.

Smooth Operations with Seamless Integrations

For Procurement and Risk Officers

Transform Third-Party Onboarding with the Power of Two-Way ERP Integration

Two-way communication between our APIs and your ERPs and other third-party systems to deliver a delightful and smooth onboarding and verification experience for your vendors, distributors, suppliers or third-parties.

Streamline Onboarding Process

Simplify the vendor onboarding journey with automated data exchange between our solution and your ERP system. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and errors.

Improved Third-party Onboarding

Effortlessly manage vendor information, contracts, and compliance records within your ERP. Our integration centralizes data, providing a comprehensive view of vendor interactions

Faster Decision Making

Make informed decisions quickly with access to real-time vendor data. Stay ahead of the competition by streamlining procurement processes

For Operations

Enabling Custom Integration from your Environment

Setup a customized experience and journeys based on your processes. Make the platform your own to grow as your business scales.

Tailored User Experience

Our integration allows for a customized user verification process that aligns with your application’s unique requirements, ensuring a smooth and secure onboarding experience.

Reduced Fraud and Risk

Strengthen your application’s security with our robust verification protocols. Minimize the risk of fraudulent users, enhancing the trust and confidence of your customers.

Seamless Scalability

Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth or expanding to new markets, our integration scales effortlessly to accommodate your evolving user verification needs.

Plug 'n' Play Integration​-signdrive

Integrated with Leading Industry Platforms

Integrations to supercharge your onboarding & verification journeys with seamless integrations of HRMS, CRMs, ERPs, and other third-party apps.


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What Is Supplier Onboarding And How To Onboard New Suppliers?

Supplier onboarding and due diligence is the process of gathering important information on prospective suppliers, vendors, distributors, or other third parties for identity validation and risk assessment.




Spot Fake Companies With Vendor Due Diligence

As a business owner, you will, at some point or another, require to partner with or outsource jobs to other companies. When scouting for a company to work with, due diligence is required to ensure you choose the right business partner. There is a lot at stake when…


Saving a leading Media Company from onboarding an unreliable Vendor

Case Study

Leading Media Company Saved from Onboarding Unreliable Vendor

Learn how a leading media firm used AuthBridge’s business partner due diligence solution to conduct due diligence on prospective suppliers 


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