Digital Address Verification

Real time Address Verification from the comfort of your space

Our industry-first, digital address verification solution leverages the power of image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates, and liveness detection technologies.


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How does AuthBridge’s Digital Address Verification Solution Work?

Step 1

 Individual’s details and registered mobile number are shared with AuthBridge

Step 2

Individual receives an auto-populated form with pre-fllled information on their registered mobile number

Step 3

Upon submission, individual uploads a selfie, photo ID and a photo of residence(house/office)

Step 4

 GPS coordinates are auto captured on submission of the form. Multiple data points triangulated to record address

Step 5

 The captured address of the individual is verified digitally

Transforming Address Verifications for Hassle-free Onboarding

Digital Address Verification eliminates the need for physical verification, enhancing accuracy, customer experience, and compliance while reducing costs and time.

Geo Tagging

Get Detailed Address Capture with GEO Coordinates

Our solution is completely automated, technology-driven process that gives you an eagle-eye view of every street, locality, and corner in rural and urban areas making it possible to digitally verify any address without having to leave the comfort of your space. Once an individual fills out the form with a real-time selfie and submits the application, GPS coordinates are captured automatically, and multiple data points are triangulated to record the address.

End-to-End Digitization

Minimize Paperwork, Enhance Customer Experience

Make onboarding experience paperless and entirely digital with Footprints. Its user-friendly interface, customisable workflows combined with easy case initiation and report generation, makes Footprints a world-class product with wide applications in various industry-specific use cases. Footprints also comes with an in-built exception handling feature for the non-current candidate location and has near-instant results.

Seamless Integrations

Data Security Compliant and Integrable with Leading HRMS/Custom Applications/Mobile Apps

Our solutions follows stringent data security standards and is data security compliant as per the global standard. It comes as a stand-alone web platform and can also be integrated with your existing applications with configurable workflows as per your business needs. Our Solution is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security.

Benefits of AuthBridge's Digital Address Verification Solution

Confidently onboard customers, partners, associates, employees and businesses


100% digital customer


TAT reduced to minutes from days


Enhanced accuracy with
triangulated GPS location


Streamlined data capture
with consistent accuracy
through automated workflow

Integrated APIs

API integration for
customer onboarding on a single interface


workflows basis the
business requirements


Self-serve and assisted
modules. 7 language
options for higher adoption

Data & Compliance

Access control, data
encryption with SSL-TSL
network security and
GDPR Compliance

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AuthBridge FAQs

Can’t find the answer here?

Based on face match algorithms, we match the selfie and image on the ID. All this data is then sent to the verifier at AuthBridge for quality check and can ask a candidate to click a picture again, if required.

We follow stringent data privacy and security standards ensuring in compliance to ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security.

We give results accurate up to a few hundred meters.

TAT for physical address verification is 7-9 working days.

AuthBridge has acquainted its vendors with an application on Android phones where they can click the picture of the house/gate and geo-tag themselves while at the location. Coordinates of geo-tagging goes with the report which makes it more authentic. At any point in time, client can refer to those coordinates and check if the external vendor visited a candidate’s address or not.

Current and Permanent address should be checked depending on the role the candidate is being hired for and appropriate suggestions can be made by us. However, it is wise to validate both the addresses.

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