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What does a Face match API do?

Face match API performs a similarity or verification check by comparing the facial encodings of the input image with the reference facial image. It computes a similarity score or a binary decision (match or non-match) based on the degree of similarity between the images.

Face match API is generally used for :-

What does a Face match API do_

How to do Face Match?

How AuthBridge’s Face Match API Verification work?

Here is a step by step guide to the working of our Face to Face match verification


User uploads a photo of government-issued identity document such as PAN/Aadhaar/Voter ID/Passport


User clicks a selfie or takes a video snapshot and uploads it.


Real-time Face Match between two inputs to provide a Face match Percentage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Face Match API

Face Verification is a biometric process that uses facial recognition technology to confirm an individual’s identity. It compares the facial features in a live image or video snapshot with those in a pre-existing, verified image to ensure they match, providing a quick and secure method of identity verification.

AuthBridge’s Face Match API works by following these steps:

  1. The user uploads a photo from a government-issued identity document like PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, or Passport.
  2. The user then takes a selfie or video snapshot and uploads it.
  3. The API conducts a real-time face match between the two inputs and provides a face match percentage to indicate the similarity.

Face Verification is used for several reasons, including:

  • Identity Verification: To ensure the person presenting an identity document is its rightful owner.
  • Access Control: To grant access to secure locations or digital accounts based on facial recognition.
  • Facial Authentication: To verify a person’s identity for transaction approvals or system logins.

AuthBridge’s Face Verification technology is known for its high reliability, with a 99.9% check success rate and a 99% verification accuracy. It provides results within 1 to 5 seconds, making it an efficient tool for instant verification needs.

Yes, AuthBridge’s Face Verification can be seamlessly integrated with other digital verification checks such as Passport Verification, PAN Card Verification, Aadhaar Verification, and more, offering a comprehensive solution for verifying identities quickly and accurately.

Industries that can benefit by using face match technology include financial services, fintech, e-commerce, government, law enforcement, social media, travel, hospitality, and healthcare.

Our Face Match APIs can achieve accuracy rates as high as 99.97% under ideal conditions, thanks to advanced facial recognition algorithms.

Yes, our Face Match API is designed to be easily integrated with various systems and platforms. It offers multi-platform support and compatibility with different programming languages, making it accessible for developers.

The primary applications include customer onboarding, fraud prevention, secure logins, KYC and AML compliance, and identity verification across various industries such as financial services, fintech, e-commerce, and healthcare.

Face Match API is a technology that uses facial recognition to verify an individual’s identity. It compares a live image or video of a person’s face against a stored image to confirm their identity.

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