The need to conduct a criminal check before hiring

The need to conduct a criminal check before hiring

Hiring managers fish in deep waters to find the best of talent for their organization. With massive hiring plaguing the ever flourishing economy, it is all the more important to ensure you do not let a criminal sneak in. Organizations accord utmost importance to their reputation, a slight miss here can cost them a mountain.  Not conducting an in-depth, rigorous and structured  background screening will not reveal the truth behind the “too good to be true” façade of the candidate. At the elementary stage, you want to ensure that the potential hire you take in, to steer a key area of your business is an innocent man. A bird’s eye view is critical, not only from an identity perspective, but also to unearth the legibility and criminality aspect of his profile is imperative.

Below are the reasons that make a criminal record check, an important part of background screening:

1.  To secure your workplace and stakeholders- employees, customers, partners etc. from any accidents and mishaps

2.  To ensure the credibility of the company is not under scrutiny. When past convictions and records are checked in time, the prospective candidate can be reconsidered for employment.

3.  To shield the organisation from damage to brand reputation and negative impact on company’s balance sheet

4.  To help the company stay complaint to the regulatory authorities and company polices. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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Passport Verification_ How does it work_

Passport Verification: How does it work?

Multiple cases of fraudulent passports have been reported. But what does a passport verification reveal? Passport is considered to be one of the most authentic sources of individual information. Passport verification screens the personal details of the candidate on the passport. It does not verify fraudulent issuance of the passport but only tampering with the personal details and the Passport MRZ code. The MRZ (machine-readable zone) of a Type 3 travel document spans two lines, and each line is 44 characters long. For a Type 1 travel document, MRZ spans three lines, and each line is 30 characters long. The MRZ contains name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex, and passport expiration date. There is room for optional, often country-dependent, supplementary information.

During passport verification, the MRZ on the passport is checked and matched with the MRZ generated using the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) algorithm. Inconsistency in MRZ code indicates manipulation of personal information.

To be effective as a tracking tool, passport verification must be utilized at all places where the genuineness of candidate is under scanner.


Why conduct Passport Verification?

1.       To ensure that the individual is claiming the right identity

2.       To ensure that personal details on the MRZ Passport are not tampered

3.       To ensure the MRZ Passport code is not tampered

Although, an accurate match is only possible with biometric identifiers & smart chip technology yet MRZ serves as the first line of defence against identity fraud. A potential hire with bogus identity can also bring huge financial and reputational damages to the company.

What makes Passport Verification a “to do” component of Background Verification?

1.       Simple and effective validation of data

2.       Automated system with fast turnaround

3.       Improved results with easy review of  MRZ code

Proper and genuine issuance of Passport can only be verified through the Issuing Authority. Passport verification is merely identity verification based on the face value of details provided by the candidate.

Take the first step to unmasking identity frauds with quick passport verification today.

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Resume Fakery can be dealt well with an exhaustive background check!

Resume Fakery can be dealt well with an exhaustive background check!

India ranks fourth in Asia Pacific in fudging up resumes, says a recent Hindustan Times article [1]. Even a small gap in the resume is a great deal for employers. It’s seen as an indelible stain on one’s career.

The fear to get rejected triggers unethical behaviour followed up by overstating or unnecessary filling of gaps. Influence of external forces also lead to candidates doing up their resumes to improve chances of selection in the interview & forge ahead in the career. There’s an alarming need for organizations to be penchant & adequately alert in identifying fake resumes. Increasing discrepancies in the online profile & the resume presented by candidates have led to a transition in HR policies globally across organizations.

A robust background check framework is inevitable to tackle lies on the resume.  It’s imperative to verify against all sources including social media, financial history, employment history, academic records & criminal databases to find out discrepancies from the stated. With the increasing cases of resume fakery, HR policies have been ramped up & most good organizations are following the suit.

Effective background screening helps to maintain quality workforce & minimize risks related to bad hiring. The security environment has transformed drastically to address the security concerns in all the companies across the board. Many multinational companies have already deployed several measures to catch the black sheep. 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have taken up recruitment practices with increased degree of gravity protecting organizational repute.

It only takes one fudge to make all your claims not credible. It settles down to dishonesty when you lie on the resume & dents your market value for employment. When you’re the person making each of the claims on your resume, then the onus lies with you for any damage caused to the company. The untenable background screening practices also contribute to candidates becoming less fearful & cautious of resume falsification.

[1] Hindustan Times Article

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Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

Growth ambitions across organisations have led to massive recruitment across industries. Amidst the pressure of bulk hiring, organisations often compromise on the quality of hires. 24*7 internet access and evolving technology have opened gates to new frauds. Managing employee risks and insider threats is crucial. Organisations need to scale up background screening techniques to match the growing menace of employee/customer fraud.

A thorough review of conventional background check processes can bring out what works best to hire a genuine employee. However, this is not enough.How can organisations ensure good quality hires at workplace?

A comprehensive behavioral assessment in addition to routine background checks is essential. Considering how easily simply people tweak their education and employment credentials, behavioral assessments can gauge real competencies in an effective manner. To an extent, it helps to look beyond the stated and uncover the hidden facts at all levels of the organization. This includes detailed assessment on the basis of behavioural traits like adaptability, sociability, team work, persistence, persuasive, creativity, and conscientiousness helps to find the right job fit for the organization.

Assessment of competencies have traditionally been used by multinational companies. But things have changed. Behavioral mapping is taking the centre stage to get insights about a candidate.

The cost of one ‘bad hire’ to an organisation is five times the bad hire’s annual salary, according to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).The influential position of a C-suite executive is extremely critical to an organization and requires greater caution at the time of hiring. Screening solutions like AuthLead from AuthBridge have been on the forefront in going beyond traditional background checks to ensure the right behavior and reputation. Today, the concept has sunk to deeper levels. Earlier, behaviour assessment was a common practice for hiring senior and leadership job roles alone, but now using them for the entry-level jobs marks the beginning of the change that will be seen in hiring.

Companies should continue focusing on hiring people with the right competencies and traits through newer techniques. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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Checklist for tagging an individual as a 'CRIMINAL'

Checklist for tagging an individual as a ‘CRIMINAL’

Businesses often conduct criminal background check on employees and sometimes on customers for diverse reasons. The reasons could be adherence to global, national or state law requirements, risk mitigation of bad hiring or compliance with company regulations. Indeed, it is alarming when your potential candidate is found out to have a criminal record. So it is a deal breaker for the hiring company? A criminal record does not mean the individual is a criminal. Then how do you ensure a criminal is not employed into critical roles?

There are a few key factors that determine whether or not a criminal can be considered for employment or not and how you can stay compliant with state and federal verification laws. If someone is found to have a negative past, the first step is to update yourself on the important legal matters that can take a company to the court

Your focus area should be compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and anti-discrimination laws. At the same time, individual assessments are extremely relevant as they just help to reconsider candidates based not on their criminal records alone. Also,  adverse action is a process required by the FCRA when you find a criminal record that will disqualify a candidate from employment.

Under FCRA, employers have to give candidates’ notice informing them that they might be rejected based on the verification results .The final resort is to consider when a candidate has a criminal record and providing him/her an opportunity to dispute the findings of background screening.

Many companies adopt background screening policies that define the convictions that disqualifies a candidate occupying a few positions. As a rule of thumb, qualifications based on criminal history should be position-specific, and not be a “blanket policy one.

Points to keep in mind, before you consider someone with a criminal background

1.The nature of the job sought

2.The nature and gravity of the offense of which the candidate was convicted of

3.Time that has lapsed since the conviction

4.Facts and circumstances surrounding the offense found out

5.Number of past convictions

6.Age at time of conviction An employer can choose to take decisions independently based on the criminal record check and offer a position to the potential candidate! To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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National ID Check- Your First step to a secure workplace

National ID Check- Your First step to a secure workplace

The problem of identity theft which is taking place globally is indeed alarming. Identity theft impacts more than 17 million consumers every year, and consumers over 50 which can turn vulnerable, according to a Forbes survey. With 9.9 million incidents in the US, every year, national identity theft is no more trivial anymore. It is increasingly becoming rampant. In 2012, 17% of the youngsters were identity theft victims.

Credit card, bank accounts etc. comprised 85 % of the theft alone. Many people face new accounts being opened in their name, suffer from serious financial losses. In the UK, the number of people falling victim to identity theft has risen by almost a third, new figures suggest as quoted by BBC News. Identity theft has become a global hiring concern. Considering the prevailing conditions, globally, employers are increasingly upgrading to technologies to check identity instantly and thoroughly.

To counter rising identity theft, new methodologies have emerged. Identity verification being one way to check authenticity of the stated candidate’s personal details like name, address, date of birth etc.

. It is an all-encompassing process, considering the way authentication is worked out to verify personal data. Personal data like name, address, date of birth etc. are readily available through various sources and can be easily misused by impersonators and hackers. Biometrics have begun to be used taking into account its reliability and scalability attributes. Unique identifiers used as parameters include fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, and retina and iris patterns, voice waves, DNA, and signatures. .

The oldest way of biometric verification is fingerprinting. Every individual has unique biometric parameters which is difficult to be replicated. The data repository of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provides transparent, online authentication using demographic and biometric information. Identity verification is starting to transform the background screening space with its speed and transparency where a person can be automatically verified from a database which has his/her personal data stored. 

Individuals can also verify information using APIs. With the emergence of digitized records of analog data, instantaneous identity verification is quite feasible.

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Ease out employee verification with the power of technology

Ease out employee verification with the power of technology

In an eco-system, it is imperative for companies to have a symbiotic relationship with each other. When it comes to verifying the details about past employment for a new employee on board, the current organisation needs to reach the previous organisation of the employee in order to verify the information provided is genuine or not. Organisations or employee background screening companies have to stay dependent on the HR department for getting the verification done.

What priority does your HR personnel give to the task of responding to verification requests of other companies? Has the response process been structured? Are the HR personnel efficiently managing this task along with other important tasks?

Is there a system in place to ensure that the confidential information is being shared only with the authorized entities?

To avoid process hassles and untoward situations, a one stop solution for catering to verification requests should be arrived at. The solution should be capable of managing high volumes of data spread across several organizations. There has to be an automation process installed to fetch the data of the desired employee anytime, anywhere. The solution and its provider should act as liaison between the verification agency and the different organizations willing to share the ex-employee database to facilitate the smoother process of responding to verification requests.

This is exactly why we built WorkAttest.

WorkAttest is an offering from the expert house of AuthBridge. It provides a web-based, secure repository of ex-employee data. Organizations can upload their ex-employee information in a controlled, secure and uniform manner onto WorkAttest and respond to incoming ex-employee verification requests in a timely manner. Not only does this free up staff’s productive man-hours, it also makes the entire management of verification response handling fast and easy. Sophisticated technology and the latest algorithms ensure that the data is completely secure.

Whenever a company would require some information for verification, the company could be redirected to the repository. This way neither would the HR personnel’s time be consumed in carrying out an unyielding activity nor would the company requiring information would have to wait for a response. Therefore, outsourcing the process of responding to verification requests is highly advisable as it puts both parties in a win-win situation. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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Top 5 Aspects to Verify Before Hiring Your Senior Level Hire

Top 5 Aspects to Verify Before Hiring Your Senior Level Hire

With the rising instances of leaders misusing their position and powers to furthering their own selfish achievements has alerted companies of the magnitude of this risk attached to filling top positions.

Leadership background screening is one requirement that, if met, can make the company gather tremendous amount of invaluable information to enhance effectiveness of hiring decisions manifold. Following are the top 5 aspects that needs to be looked into before a top managerial position is filled, to set apart this league from the rest.

1. Industry Reputation– Leader has the capability to lift your company’s image and market goodwill. This makes it best to come in the ‘know’ of what is reputation of the person in the market out there. In addition, the professional milestones should also be looked into to be able to substantiate the hiring decision better.

2. Criminal History– Person in a leadership position is not expected to have criminal or a delinquent past anyway, nor should he be present in any of the negative databases. This makes criminal record check necessary. Reference check is held high because it is capable of shedding light on things which other checks might not be able to e.g. personality traits, attitude, etc. Talking to references, which are dug out through the verifier’s own research, can reveal things about the individual’s personality traits that can be of high relevance for the company. Overall conduct at work is another piece of important information. Other than that, it can provide facts which have never been recorded anywhere, like the case of sexual harassment, power play, etc.

3. Political Affiliations– If a prospective leader has some links to influential political figures, or is part of any political group, then that can have a direct or indirect impact on the company by way of influence to the subordinates. While this may look like a far-fetched idea, it is still better to know these things so that in case the workforce is influenced in any way, the company knows what to do.

4. Litigation– Verification of the person’s background can also reveal details about any court case the person may be involved in. Delving deep into these details may bring out facts that might be impactful on the hiring decision for company’s good.

5. Creditworthiness– This is one piece of information that can be brought out through credit check, but is generally given a cold shoulder because of the possibility of hurting the sensibilities of verified person. A check into credit worthiness gives you information about the person’s defaulting history which may or may not be of relevance to the company. With such an exhaustive record search on a candidate, the decision to hire for the leadership position can hardly go wrong. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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3 Interesting Developments in Criminal Record Check-1

3 Interesting Developments in Criminal Record Check

The biggest challenge faced by most big companies is hiring in bulk to meet the increasing demands of the dynamic economic scenario. Let us take a sneak peek into some changes brought about in the criminal record check in different parts of the world. Below mentioned are some highlighted countries that initiated changes in their criminal record check:

1) Luxembourg: Employers in Luxembourg can request a candidate’s criminal record certificate during the hiring process or during the course of an employment. Under the new legislation, an individual must be informed of the criminal record check request in writing, and the criminal record certificate cannot be kept for more than one month after an offer letter is extended. If the person is not considered, it must be destroyed immediately. During the course of employment, employers can request for employee’s criminal record certificate only if:

Specifically allowed by law or

The employee is transferred to a different position, the specific requirements of which require a thorough criminal check

2) South Korea: Foreign sailors seeking work for South Korean ships may be required to submit their criminal records while their South Korean captains and colleagues will be required to undergo anti-racism education. The measures are largely aimed at preventing on-board crimes and frauds. Indictments in previous crimes may not directly prevent employment, but they may provide references to South Korean employers when deciding whether to hire a foreign sailor or not. This will not only be good to prevent untoward incidents but also filter out individuals with a bad track record.

3) United Kingdom: All self-employed tutors should be legally required to have a criminal record check before they can provide lessons to children in the country. This step has been initiated to protect innocent lives against ulterior motives and actions. Different countries have different laws and regulations but then the commonality to be noted here is equal relevance of criminal history check in every country. Bring forth a comprehensive criminal check to test criminality of your next hire and protect your company reputation for a brighter future. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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Can background verification with improved technology help establish trust_

Can background verification with improved technology help establish trust?

Yes, technology and trust are core to the foundation of all successful business models. In today’s dynamic digital era, years of experience can totally offset the importance educational qualifications and credentials. Background verification is crucial to realise the real significance of a candidate’s experience.

Background screening practices and solutions cover the essential past records, so that one’s can verification can be more meaty and comprehensive in all possible aspects. But the herculean question raised here is what technologies are the background screening companies using to ensure that processes are accurate and instant?

A thorough identity check, followed up by education, employment, address, reference checks is the stepping stone to brilliantly conserve sensitive data and technology know how.

It is critical to know who you are exactly hiring for your company. Speed and efficiency with cutting-edge technology are the most required elements in the background screening space. AuthBridge has established itself as a trust enabler for more than 11 years now, delivering value services to its clients. We use technology to develop customized background screening packages that support the business needs of clients/customers constantly.

For us technology is prime. It is our sure shot way to make sure clients feel confident about their hiring decisions. With thorough background screening solutions, we try to deliver trust across the board every time.We partner with clients who trust us immensely. Our background screening packages combine and consolidate into a single, comprehensive report, giving deep insights into candidate’s background. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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