Resume Fakery can be dealt well with an exhaustive background check!

Resume Fakery can be dealt well with an exhaustive background check!

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India ranks fourth in Asia Pacific in fudging up resumes, says a recent Hindustan Times article [1]. Even a small gap in the resume is a great deal for employers. It’s seen as an indelible stain on one’s career.

The fear to get rejected triggers unethical behaviour followed up by overstating or unnecessary filling of gaps. Influence of external forces also lead to candidates doing up their resumes to improve chances of selection in the interview & forge ahead in the career. There’s an alarming need for organizations to be penchant & adequately alert in identifying fake resumes. Increasing discrepancies in the online profile & the resume presented by candidates have led to a transition in HR policies globally across organizations.

A robust background check framework is inevitable to tackle lies on the resume.  It’s imperative to verify against all sources including social media, financial history, employment history, academic records & criminal databases to find out discrepancies from the stated. With the increasing cases of resume fakery, HR policies have been ramped up & most good organizations are following the suit.

Effective background screening helps to maintain quality workforce & minimize risks related to bad hiring. The security environment has transformed drastically to address the security concerns in all the companies across the board. Many multinational companies have already deployed several measures to catch the black sheep. 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have taken up recruitment practices with increased degree of gravity protecting organizational repute.

It only takes one fudge to make all your claims not credible. It settles down to dishonesty when you lie on the resume & dents your market value for employment. When you’re the person making each of the claims on your resume, then the onus lies with you for any damage caused to the company. The untenable background screening practices also contribute to candidates becoming less fearful & cautious of resume falsification.

[1] Hindustan Times Article

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