3 Interesting Developments in Criminal Record Check

3 Interesting Developments in Criminal Record Check-1

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The biggest challenge faced by most big companies is hiring in bulk to meet the increasing demands of the dynamic economic scenario. Let us take a sneak peek into some changes brought about in the criminal record check in different parts of the world. Below mentioned are some highlighted countries that initiated changes in their criminal record check:

1) Luxembourg: Employers in Luxembourg can request a candidate’s criminal record certificate during the hiring process or during the course of an employment. Under the new legislation, an individual must be informed of the criminal record check request in writing, and the criminal record certificate cannot be kept for more than one month after an offer letter is extended. If the person is not considered, it must be destroyed immediately. During the course of employment, employers can request for employee’s criminal record certificate only if:

Specifically allowed by law or

The employee is transferred to a different position, the specific requirements of which require a thorough criminal check

2) South Korea: Foreign sailors seeking work for South Korean ships may be required to submit their criminal records while their South Korean captains and colleagues will be required to undergo anti-racism education. The measures are largely aimed at preventing on-board crimes and frauds. Indictments in previous crimes may not directly prevent employment, but they may provide references to South Korean employers when deciding whether to hire a foreign sailor or not. This will not only be good to prevent untoward incidents but also filter out individuals with a bad track record.

3) United Kingdom: All self-employed tutors should be legally required to have a criminal record check before they can provide lessons to children in the country. This step has been initiated to protect innocent lives against ulterior motives and actions. Different countries have different laws and regulations but then the commonality to be noted here is equal relevance of criminal history check in every country. Bring forth a comprehensive criminal check to test criminality of your next hire and protect your company reputation for a brighter future. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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