Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

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Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

Growth ambitions across organisations have led to massive recruitment across industries. Amidst the pressure of bulk hiring, organisations often compromise on the quality of hires. 24*7 internet access and evolving technology have opened gates to new frauds. Managing employee risks and insider threats is crucial. Organisations need to scale up background screening techniques to match the growing menace of employee/customer fraud.

A thorough review of conventional background check processes can bring out what works best to hire a genuine employee. However, this is not enough.How can organisations ensure good quality hires at workplace?

A comprehensive behavioral assessment in addition to routine background checks is essential. Considering how easily simply people tweak their education and employment credentials, behavioral assessments can gauge real competencies in an effective manner. To an extent, it helps to look beyond the stated and uncover the hidden facts at all levels of the organization. This includes detailed assessment on the basis of behavioural traits like adaptability, sociability, team work, persistence, persuasive, creativity, and conscientiousness helps to find the right job fit for the organization.

Assessment of competencies have traditionally been used by multinational companies. But things have changed. Behavioral mapping is taking the centre stage to get insights about a candidate.

The cost of one ‘bad hire’ to an organisation is five times the bad hire’s annual salary, according to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).The influential position of a C-suite executive is extremely critical to an organization and requires greater caution at the time of hiring. Screening solutions like AuthLead from AuthBridge have been on the forefront in going beyond traditional background checks to ensure the right behavior and reputation. Today, the concept has sunk to deeper levels. Earlier, behaviour assessment was a common practice for hiring senior and leadership job roles alone, but now using them for the entry-level jobs marks the beginning of the change that will be seen in hiring.

Companies should continue focusing on hiring people with the right competencies and traits through newer techniques. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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