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KYC Solutions for Instant Identity Verification

Transform your KYC and customer identity verification with our AI-powered KYC solutions and services built on image and liveness detection technologies, machine learning capabilities and deep search algorithms that can help you go-to-market faster and enhance your customer experience.

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AI that can detect fraud instantly

Our AI-powered KYC solutions uses liveness detection technology to determine and validate customer’s identity in real-time. It does so by comparing user’s live image with the uploaded national identity document using biometric anti-spoof algorithms. In this way, Digital and Video KYC helps in mitigating the risks of identity thefts and financial frauds before onboarding customers in banks, NBFCs, mobile wallets, gaming, e-commerce and P2P marketplaces.

Reduce TAT by more than 80% and operational costs by up to 70%

Our Digital and Video KYC solutions enable instant verification with the power of AI, ML, and deep search algorithms ensuring the fastest onboarding process for your customers, helping you in reducing account activation turnaround time by up to 80% while also reducing operational costs, helping your organisation scale up at speed. Automating KYC also means you can go-to-market much faster while reducing operational costs by up to 70%.

Stay compliant with audited reports

Get in-depth analysis and audited reports with each initiated case and track the progress of cases in bulk. Our KYC solutions are data security compliant and adhere to the global standards of data privacy, which means you can stay on top of the regulatory compliance framework.

KYC Services we provide

Video KYC

Our AI-powered customer KYC and identity verification solution built on liveness detection, geotagging and OCR capabilities adding speed and scale to your customer experience. Video KYC includes V-CIP, V-IPV, and non-assisted Video KYC, compliant with regulation. The customer performs randomised actions for comparison of biometrics with submitted NIDs.

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Digital KYC

Our comprehensive KYC solutions tool that uses biometric anti-spoof algorithms to test the genuineness of the image taken and matches it with valid ID proof. Digital KYC includes automated form filling + Image and video – based authentication via NID -PAN, Passport or Aadhaar comparison.

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eKYC and Doorstep KYC

Our near-instant, automated, and reliable Digital Address Verification solution that gives a bird’s eye view of any street or locality Pan-India. Doorstep KYC includes in-person verification of customer identity and other documents in sensitive cases through our physical verification platform – Footprints.

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Key Checks in our KYC Solutions

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Identity Check

Quick identity verification through IDs -Driving License, Aadhaar, Voter’s ID, Passport etc.

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India Credit History Check

Credit score validation for a summary of the repayment history of previous and/or existing loans, credit cards, and other finances.

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Vehicle Registration Verification

Verification of identity through registered vehicle number(s)

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Bank Statement Verification

Validating bank statements – from three months before- for salary verification

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Utility Bill Verification

Confirmation of identity through utility bills – water, gas, etc

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Professional Verification

Validation of the professional certifications of doctors, CAs, insurance agents, dentists, etc.

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FAQs on KYC Services provided by us

  • What verification documents are eligible for KYC verification solutions in India?

    Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) documents are needed for KYC verification. Passport Verification, PAN Card Verification, Voter Identity Card Verification and Driving License Verification are accepted as Proof of Identity whereas Passport, Voter’s Identity Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone bill, Bank Account Statement, Consumer Gas connection card or Gas Bill are some of the documents accepted as Proof of Address. In some cases, rent agreements can also be used as PoA. This would depend on the kind of address (current/permanent) requested for the KYC service.

  • What is Digital KYC or eKYC?

    eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) or Digital KYC is the remote and paperless process that minimizes costs, increases efficiency, and tackles challenges that traditional KYC processes pose. These include delay in customer onboarding causing inconvenience to customers, incorrect and unsafe processing of customer information, and more.

  • What is Video KYC?

    Video KYC is nothing but the process of customer verification over a video as against physical branch visits by customers or home visits by executives of financial institutions and other businesses that need their customers verified. Video KYC relies on state-of-the-art technologies like facial recognition, automated data extraction and machine learning techniques to establish the identity of a customer in real-time.

  • How KYC services can help in customer onboarding?

    Our KYC services can help in customer onboarding by creating a seamless onboarding journey for both customers and service providers. With the help of Digital KYC, customers can easily upload their documents digitally and service providers can verify them in real-time through using technological systems built on OCR, AI, face recognition and other such technologies.

  • Do KYC Services provider companies retain information of the customer while conducting KYC?

    For ensuring customer privacy, it is important that KYC solution providers and agencies do not store any kind of customer information. AuthBridge does not store any kind of information related to customers as per privacy laws.

  • What are the various customer KYC and onboarding solutions AuthBridge can provide?

    AuthBridge’s Customer KYC Solutions vary across industries covering Banking, financial services, Insurance, Wealth Management/Stock Broking firms, Hospitality, Marketplaces, Logistics etc. The workflows are tweaked as per specific regulations in the industry along with customisation as per the needs of the clients.

  • What are the different types of KYC we can conduct?

    AuthBridge can help to conduct regulatory-compliant (depending on the type of industry we area catering to) eKYC (offline Aadhaar based), digital KYC and V-CIP for the remote onboarding of customers. We can also conduct image-based KYC and Video-based KYC for industries like Ridesharing, Gaming, Logistics etc.

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