Importance of Employee Reference Checks for a Safe Work Environment

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A reference check should be more than just a formality during the hiring process. The extra step to verify a candidate’s credentials could prove invaluable to a company. An Employee reference check will also help the organisation to validate if the information presented by the candidate is true and does not contain omissions or false information.


Why are Employee Reference Checks important?

A recent report by AuthBridge revealed that 15.21% of the employees fudge their information while to get a new job. Falsified information ranged from pre-employment details and address information to educational qualifications. Another area where candidates generally choose to omit information is about a criminal past. A pre-employment check would not only verify that a candidate really worked for a particular organisation in the past, but will also provide insights into their behaviour and how well do they work with their peers. An employment reference check would also reveal any unsavoury behaviour of a candidate, if any. A criminal record check might not throw up any results if no charges were filed against a candidate, but violent physical behaviour can be brought to light with an employment reference check. Past employers who fired a candidate for being verbally abusive or prone to outburst of violence will most likely provide you with that information during an employee reference check. The candidate you choose to hire might have all the right skills and experience you are looking for, but if the same candidate is wrongfully using those skills to commit data theft, you are better off not hiring them. A reference check will equip you with details of any past wrongdoings on which to base your hiring decision. An employment reference check might reveal that the candidate did not work for a particular organisation, to begin with; this itself should prompt you to not hire the candidate.

An employee reference check will also provide details on whether a candidate can perform all the tasks listed on their resume or whether those are just embellishments.


What role does an Employment Reference Check play in a safe work culture?

As mentioned earlier, a reference check could reveal things about an employee that they deliberately keep hidden. Violent behaviour, fraud and poor performance are details many candidates hide, while work experience and educational qualification are sometimes elaborated. Hiring a candidate without an employee reference check could mean hiring someone who not only lies to get the job but who could be violent with other employees. Or you could hire a con artist who steals client data and uses it for personal gain. Either way, the safety of your organisation and other employees is at risk. This risk is easily avoided with a reference check.


AuthBridge conducts Employee Reference Checks

AuthBridge has state-of-the-art technology that can conduct employee reference checks quickly and efficiently. With AuthBridge’s services, companies no longer have to worry about lengthy and costly reference checks to protect themselves. With AuthBridge taking the pressure of conducting employment reference checks off you, you can rest assured that you are hiring the right candidates. Write to us at or send us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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