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Importance of BGV

Before we discuss Background verification, we really need to look at a few facts as listed below: 68% of HR professionals across industries report challenging recruiting conditions in the current talent market.

One-half of organizations cite factors such as a low number of applicants (51%), lack of the needed work experience among candidates (50%) and competition from other employers (49%) as reasons for difficulty finding candidates for their open positions. (*Source – SHRM)

However, even in such scenarios, where the HRs are facing difficulties in filling up the vacant positions, a new challenge has risen for them in terms of fake details provided by the candidate. Here is a look at new a new set of facts prevalent: 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.

*Source: Society for Human Resources Management, 2003 In a survey conducted by, 49% of the 3,100 hiring managers surveyed had caught a job applicant fabricating some part of his/her resume.

*Source: Survey, 2008 34% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job.

*Source: Wall Street Journal, 2003 (US Based DATA) Now, considering the facts that there is already a shortage of skills in the job market and the cost involved in getting the background verification’s done is a considerable amount, how wise is it to go for the extra effort for getting the background verification done for each employee.

On the other hand, according to various reports published and compiled by Authbridge Research Services, for the period between 2010 and 2013, there have been approx. 20% discrepant cases found in the documents submitted by the applicant to a prospective employer.

The discrepancies have been found in various departments ranging from Address, Education, and Employment to Substance Abuse, Driving Licence, and even Police Verifications Doing a little deep-dive threw up some interesting trends: Incorrect tenure stated by candidates is the major reason behind employment discrepancy.

Submission of fake/forged education documents is the reason with a maximum contribution towards education discrepancy. Reference check discrepancy has a major contribution from non-responding references provided by candidates. Major reason for address check discrepancy is candidates’ untraceable address. With the increasing number of MNCs in India and more and more Indian companies going global, the concerns regarding the authenticity of the employee has increased multiple folds.

With newer laws coming in regarding the data protection, a company cannot afford even a minor slip-up. One wrong candidate hired and all the earned market reputation goes for a toss. Therefore, in my personal opinion, verification cost should not be considered as a “COST”. It is simply an investment for a sustainable future of the company. The article was written by Anubhav S Gujral who is Manager –

Vendor Development & Procurement at AuthBridge.