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Employee Background Verification (BGV) Screening Company in Bangalore

Employee Background Verification (BGV) Screening Company in Bangalore

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Branded as the IT capital of India, Bangalore is soon moving closer to becoming the cybercrime city. According to TOI, Bangalore witnessed 47% of India’s cybercrimes in 2020, this figure is an eye-opener for several MNCs and companies operating in Bangalore. however, the city reported the highest number of identity theft and impersonation cases among the 19 cities during the last two years. Companies in Bangalore had to step up their background verification processes. This is exactly why background verification companies in Bangalore are skyrocketing. Companies have acknowledged the importance of agile, tech-driven background verification and onboarding processes.


Background Verification Company in Bangalore

AuthBridge isBGV company in Bangalore/Bengaluru that offers high-quality employee background checks in Bangalore. We at AuthBridge stand as leaders in the background screening space for almost 16 years, among the other background verification companies in Bangalore. We are here to help you with quick and efficient background checks.


Features and Benefits of Background Verification in Bangalore

With a competitive job market, background verification and onboarding can be tricky. However, it’s important to not mistake it as just another HR formality of the recruitment process. Today, it forms an inevitable part of the employee onboarding process. By embracing ‘tech-enabled ’onboarding, it is easier to create a customized and engaging candidate experience that boosts the success of your organization. Using iBRIDGE, an AI-driven, end-to-end onboarding solution, verify and onboard talent instantly, efficiently, and securely, creating seamless onboarding journeys with the least manual intervention.

Powered by AuthBridge, iBRIDGE helps you scale at ease, attract quality hires, and drive business growth. New hire verification has become a lot more than a mere norm these days. Especially in a city like Bangalore which sees hundreds of new companies, jobs, and employees, it is difficult for companies to perform due diligence single-handedly. It requires a robust mechanism to identify and eliminate bad hires.


Below are the features & benefits of background verification services by AuthBridge:

  1. Reduce onboarding time by up to 90%
  2. Minimise onboarding costs by up to 70%
  3. Show the progress of cases through real-time dashboards
  4. Send automated and timely notifications to candidates and other stakeholders
  5. Completely automate document collection and onboarding form submissions
  6. Conduct AI-powered, database-driven identity, address, criminal, and other checks in real-time.

AuthBridge as the best among the Background verification Companies in Bangalore do not limit to employment screening only. The magnitude of verification has grown by leaps and bounds too. Let’s take very minute examples, where a large amount of risk is involved. Trusting a taxi driver that drives the female employees to/ from the organization or a delivery boy who shows up at the doorstep with your package/delivery. Backed by new-gen technology, cutting-edge tools, background verification helps organizations to build trust among their stakeholders, employees, and business allies.


AuthBridge offers a wide range of Background verification services in Bangalore as follows, but not limited to Employee Background Verification:

  1. Post-employment verification
  2. Identity verification
  3. Digital address verification
  4. Education verification
  5. Criminal records check
  6. Civil records check (Court Database)
  7. Risk management

For large organizations that outsource their requirements like supplier, housekeeping, transportation, etc. to external vendors, AuthBridge also provides extended workforce screening (EWS) including:

  1. Vendor due diligence
  2. Company address verification
  3. Professional reference check
  4. Legal records check
  5. Financial records check
  6. Reputation analysis etc.

Bangalore’s booming economy and cultural tolerance are lately acting as a magnet for people seeking a better life. But at the same time, it’s going awry for a few others. With the hybrid culture of Bangalore in mind, AuthBridge also provides 2 more important services:

  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Drug Test


Why Choose AuthBridge as Background Verification Company in Bangalore?

While there are many providers of Background Checks, you must choose AuthBridge for its versatility. Let’s unpeel the value propositions we offer our clients:

  1. We care – we are constantly working to help our clients build a foundation of trust and safety within their business and mitigate risks as much as possible. We understand how much business means to you, and that’s why we make it our number 1 priority.
  2. Our technology – our services are driven by the right technology. We are therefore continuously investing in our technology and finding the most innovative solutions to ensure we deliver transformative and fast results. We know what matters to your business. Our platform is built on digital tools that provide efficiency and ease for both our clients and employees.
  3. Geographically diverse reach and work expertise – we provide comprehensive global solutions and deep expertise in the geographies we serve. We are gradually moving in the direction of being a global name, with diverse cultures, screening differences, and nuances.
  4. Focus on security and compliance – we hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards for compliance. This is important for us, for you and your business, and for your candidates. We take a 360-degree approach to maintain privacy, and legal and regulatory requisites concerning background screening.

Background verification is very basic to mitigate the risks of hiring and build trust along the way. A lot of companies have onboarded third-party verifiers as a compulsory ‘to-do’ of all their HR processes in Bangalore. Not just Bangalore, AuthBridge is at the top among the best background verification companies in India. Jump on the digital bandwagon to create a safe and trust-filled work environment in your organization while safeguarding against data/information theft and other risks!


AuthBridge Contact at Bangalore

Office Address:

AuthBridge Research Services,
216 / 2-B, Plot No. 2,
Nagavarapalya, C.V. Raman Nagar,
Bangalore – 560093
Karnataka, India

Sales Contact: +91-8826988001

Sales Email:

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