Hiring the ‘Right Fit’ you Trust! What does ‘Fit’ mean_

Hiring the ‘Right Fit’ you Trust! What does ‘Fit’ mean?

Corporates operate on a ‘Trust’ equation with their employees. From access, responsibilities, powers to privileges, employees and leaders across corporates are empowered to achieve business objectives. HR plays an instrumental role in the process. This starts right from hiring till the time an employee serves the organization. It is imperative for corporates to ensure that the hire is the right fit. The right fit is assessed through systematic evaluations including interviews, employee background verification, psychometric tests and multiple other tools.

But what’s the intent? What does the right ‘fit’ mean? The right fit essentially means ensuring you hire individual with the right Identity, right Profile and right Reputation in line with the position and roles & responsibilities.


Identity thefts and fraud cases are on the rise! Cases of Insider thefts, tailgating and multiple instances of fake identities at workplace make organizations vulnerable! In one such case, a girl joined an organization in place of her twin sister and served her responsibilities without the employer’s knowledge for 2 long months- disguised as her sister! It is important to ascertain an individual’s identity before hiring him/her. A basic Aadhaar-enabled identity verification can validate an individual in real-time using biometrics/OTP (Read about Aadhaar based eKYC and verifications here). Multiple government issued ID cards can be used for instant identity checks. Identity checks ensure that the person you are interacting with is the same as who he/she claims to be!


Ensuring that the individual you hire has the right skills is the most important aspect in the hiring process. This includes assessing the candidate’s pedigree/education, experience with past employers, accessibility and skills gained through trainings. It is hence important to conduct background verification including employment verification, education verification and address verification. With employment verification, one can verify if the candidate has worked with the stated employers, the role the candidate has served, the tenure of services and the reference from the reporting manager. (Read how employment checks can help you here) There have been multiple instances where candidates pursue distance learning courses and state that they have pursued full time education for a different course from the same institute.

 Education verification can quickly validate if the candidate has provided the right degree; if the candidate studied in the same college, passed the course successfully and attended the course stated. Similarly, address verification of a candidate ensures that the person is accessible in terms of emergency.


The most important aspect during hiring is to assess a person for his/her values and their character.  Alignment to organization values is a must! Conducting reference checks helps in ensuring that the candidate has the right skills and right approach to work. It is also important to create a safe working environment at workplace.

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