Case Study | A multinational grocery and merchandise retailer digitised their Employee Onboarding and Ex-Employee Verification with AuthBridge

Case Study

Multinational grocery and merchandise retailer digitized their Employee Onboarding and Ex-Employee Verification with AuthBridge


About the Company

A leading multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England, serving customers with affordable healthy and sustainable food.


Ecommerce & Retail



Key Results

  • 85% faster onboarding process
  • Digitization of statutory forms
  • E-signing of onboarding documents
  • 8000+ ex-employee verification requests handled
  • 75% increase in efficiency with the automation of ex-employee verification requests

Products and Solutions

Define the Problem

Being one of the largest retailers in the world, our client has always been ahead of the competition in adopting new technologies and working towards the optimisation of processes. With that thought, our client wanted to elevate its employee onboarding experience by eliminating paper-based statutory forms and the need for an e-signing tool.


  • Manual data collection and signing of statutory forms
  • Lack of a central repository of all employee information
  • Manual management of ex-employee verification requests

How AuthBridge Helped

Faster Employee Onboarding with Digitized Statutory Forms and E-signing

Prior to AuthBridge, the employee onboarding process was manual. Everything was done offline, from maintaining and filling statutory forms to signing those forms. However, as the number of new employees increased, digitizing the process became necessary. 

AuthBridge’s Instaform, a web form to automate statutory forms combined with SignDrive, the intuitive e-signing tool simplified the process of obtaining signatures from new hires and sped up the completion of paperwork and onboarding formalities. Instaform and SignDrive enabled Tesco to create a central repository of employee information reducing the time to fill multiple statutory forms while eliminating the errors associated with traditional paper-based processes.

Automating Exit Employees’ Verification Requests

To eliminate manual errors and fast-track the ex-employee verification process, Tesco deployed WorkAttest, a web-based platform powered by highly secure anti-tamper technology for efficient ex-employee verification. Simply upload the employee’s work tenure, profile, exit interview forms, etc. into the web platform and WorkAttest will respond to verification requests on the company’s behalf. After using the WorkAttest tool, Tesco significantly reduced the time to verify ex-employees while saving the personnel’s time to improve their efficiency by 75% while also reducing the administrative workload for the Human Resources department.


AuthBridge’s Instaform and SignDrive helped with faster employee onboarding with digitized statutory forms and e-signing to reduce our TAT by 85%. While WorkAttest enabled our client to automate our ex-employee verification requests to increase efficiency by 75%.

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