6 Ways Technology is Revolutionising Background Screening in Recruitment

One of the most important functions of Human Resources is the hiring of new employees. Screening a vast number of applications and verifying the provided information can be very time-consuming. Using technology in recruitment can greatly improve the efficiency of the process and save on time, as well as money, in the long run.

Using technology for background verification during the employee screening process offers a number of advantages. New technologies have completely revolutionized the way background checks are conducted, making the hiring of new employees a much less labor-intensive task.


Here are a few ways how background verification has benefited from technology

Saving on time: In larger organisations where hundreds of job applications have to be screened, doing the process manually could take weeks and even months. By using special software or a secured online platform can help organisations reduce the turnaround time (TAT) for a background verification considerably to a matter of minutes.

For Example, WorkAttest™ from AuthBridge can be used by companies for quick and easy verification. Every new employer just has to send a request to the platform for a background check on a new hire and receive past work records without a hassle. The time saved using the system can be used for more productive tasks by HR personnel.

Better data security: Every business has a responsibility to its employees to protect their information. Yet, some amount of employee data is required to be shared between companies when conducting background verification. While background verification is always done with the consent of the person being screened, the information should also be shared responsibly.

Technology can help HR securely share ex-employee data for background checks while ensuring that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Accurate and higher quality background checks: When an employee screening is conducted manually, there is a chance to conduct just a cursory sweep of records and let a lot of information fall through the crack. For instance, while conducting criminal record check or reference check manually, some details of a candidate may get overlooked.

By using the right technology and online platforms, a more thorough background verification can be conducted. Moreover, automated results can be more accurate and of much better quality than the manual ones.

Access to huge data repositories: Technology in HR has helped teams run through the negative database when conducting criminal record check on an employee. Employee screening via negative database can help an organisation choose only those employees who have clean records.

End to End Automation: Using technology for background checks can help to automate the whole process. Prospective candidates can fill up an online form in the company’s portal, and all data can automatically get populated to an employee screening platform. HR then simply has to view the status of the ongoing verifications and get the results delivered online.

Improved work environment: One of the main advantages of using technology in the background verification process is that the work environment can be greatly improved. Not only can the hiring teams spend time and resources in other areas, but the quality of employees hired is also improved.

AuthBridge, India’s leading employee background data intelligence firm offers technology solutions for background checks of employees that help to streamline the process and reduce TAT.

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