Trust is the most valuable currency at the Fintech Festival India: Live from Pragati Maidan

Trust is the most valuable currency at the Fintech Festival India Live from Pragati Maidan

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Team AuthBridge is live at the Fintech Festival India, Pragati Maidan. The event promised to unleash the power of fintechs in India and it does – the biggest names in the world of banking, neo banking, lending, insurance, (and beyond) are here. One would imagine to primarily hear and see value propositions around lower ROIs, faster TATs, bigger customers base etc. These are happening, but this year the world of financial services seems to be rallying around a common cause – building a trustworthy business world. From smart wearables, to InsurTech to Regtech, NatureTech, we are seeing an enhanced focus on a better future where it is easier for the business ecosystem to come together and work together.

We, at AuthBridge, have been focused on building a digital trust ecosystem for the past 16 years. So, this is especially exciting. The post-pandemic world is unpredictable, and challenging to navigate for businesses and their customers/clients, and Fintech Festival 2022 offers a reassurance that creating safer customer experiences and a better working world has emerged as a top priority. 

AuthBridge offers authentication technology across three main business verticals – Fintelle for KYC and customer authentication across banks, insurers, lending platforms, and other financial services, Business solutions for due diligence on third parties and employee authentication and onboarding for HR. We deliver easily integrable APIs, proprietary databases, AI-powered products, solutions through state-of-the-art platforms, but most importantly, we deliver #TechnologyYouCanTrust.

Visit our team at booth number D14, Hall 3 & 4 at Pragati Maidan from 20-22nd July and learn how we can partner in your growth.

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