Fake Education Certificates – You are at Risk of Hiring a Fraudster

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Fake education certificates are more prevalent than most people realise. Given the immense competition for employment in India, it is not uncommon for many students fudging or faking their education certificates and marksheets. As wrong and illegal it may be, the ground reality is clear from the amount of scandals and ‘Fake University Lists’ published almost every year by various bodies around the country. From students providing fake records to get into Harvard University to thousands of job candidates across India producing fake education certificates, the problem is real and demands an immediate attention. On one had this scenario poses a direct risk for employers, for they may hire incompetent people which can impact their productivity adversely; it also raises an issue of justice for those candidates who may lose job opportunities against these fake or exaggerated certificates.

While the issues of fake universities and degrees should be tackled under provision of law and the incentive of providing fudged credentials are beyond the control of regular employers, the onus now lies on the employers to be diligent against such realities and conduct thorough education verification before hiring people. As a part of the Employee background verification process, education check for the authenticity of the provided credentials by checking from the genuine sources.


The importance of an education check

When hiring a person for a given job, companies expect some level qualification, skill-sets and aptitude depending upon the nature of the job. These criteria are the basic expectations of the employer and if taken on face value without verifying may lead to hiring a wrong candidate unfit for the job. In some instances, a wrong hire may led to serious problems like an unqualified medicine practitioner with fake medical degree or a fake civil engineer in charge of a major construction project. While in other jobs it may simply lead to reduced productivity of the organisation. An unqualified candidate will not only underperform, but will force the employer to go through the hiring process again in order to hire the right candidate. Education Verification could pervert such scenarios.


Education Verification ensures the following:

Qualification of the candidate under consideration is genuine Candidate’s skills sets are verified True academic performance is revealed The candidate being hired is not unethical A timely and thorough education check at the time of on boarding can help weeding out the wrong candidates at the onset, saving an organisation a lot of time and resources. An education verification provides an added layer of safety to the hiring process ensuring that only those candidates that are genuine and properly qualified get hired for the job.


Why do most companies overlook education verification?

Given the pace at which the world moves today, many companies are hard-pressed for time, resources, and the workforce to do an education verification for every candidate. Sometimes in a rush to fill a crucial opening, it is the background verification that gets sacrificed in the name of quick hiring. But the cost of saving time for multiple candidates is not worth the loss a wrong hire may end up doing. Background Verification can happen at any stage of the hiring process, even during the probation period. When qualification is one of the basic criteria for jobs, education verification must not be ignored.


How AuthBridge can help

AuthBridge is the largest Indian Employee background verification company with the expertise to carry out education verification and provide quick and reliable results. AuthBridge with its intensive databases and pan India network ensures a thorough education verification to check the authenticity of all the credentials of a given candidate.

To get in touch write to us at: communication@authbridge.com

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