Worker Verification: The Ideal Solution to Prevent Blue-Collar Crimes

Worker Verification The Ideal Solution to Prevent Blue-Collar Crimes

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Nearly 500 million workers are a part of the blue-collar segment in India. Generally, industries hire them in bulk on either contractual or permanent basis. Even with the rapidly emerging technologies, companies are still hiring blue-collar workers. Wonder, why? Because the overall blue-collar ecosystem will stand tall in a massive economy like ours and never go obsolete. Only the skill sets will change to suit requirements of running digital processes.


Blue collar workers refer to people who mostly perform manual labour. In industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, transportation and warehousing, the blue collar segment is the key driving force of future growth. Unfortunately, bulk hiring is responsible for ignorance towards authentic background verification of these workers. Consequently, the chances of blue-collar crime i.e., theft, molestation, fraudulent activities, lynching, killings etc. exponentially increase. Thus, companies need to have a comprehensive view of their blue-collar workers using robust, 360-degree background checks. This will help fight against shocking cases making sensational news headlines like the ones mentioned.

  • A factory worker got arrested by Delhi Police for stalking, sending obscene videos to 200 women. [Source: India Today]
  • Another case of a factory worker getting arrested for stealing from the workplace. He was a drug addict, and committed a crime to obtain money for drugs. [Source: The India Express]


So how do you then ensure peace of mind? Our blue-collar worker verification is the ultimate answer to that.

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Our technology driven, qualitative background screening solution for your blue-collar factory workers can mitigate your business risks and protect your reputation. We follow a specific, consultative approach to understand your existing verification processes and suggest the best suited approach to worker verification to protect your market reputation. Checks like instant ID verification, digital address verification, court record checks, etc. are a part of our powerful, end-to-end blue collar background screening solution. This may not currently be a part of your hiring processes but once included can guard against all your blue-collar hiring risks.


Benefits and Impact of Our 360 Degree Worker Verification

  • AuthBridge powered worker verification solution uses powerful, tech platforms that onboards your factory workers quickly. This enables verification and onboarding of workers at ease and scale. Faster processes help the HR staff skew their strategic potential towards important tasks. 
  • Built on ML and AI capabilities, our blue-collar verification for workers simplifies employee onboarding journeys. It automates steps to upload candidate documents, interact with the concerned HR SPOC and digitally sign all BGV forms.
  • Backed by AuthBridge’s cutting-edge technology, its qualitative approach helps in collecting and analyzing data to provide reliable screening results and build your trust.
  • Our multilingual dashboards respond swiftly to your case initiation and review requests. National identities are checked in real-time with the help of technologies like OCR, anti-spoof image recognition and face match to filter our impersonators.
  • The technology used for worker verification enables your future readiness by bringing speed, efficiency, and safety to your employee onboarding processes. We always bring the best of technologies to offer quality verification solutions.
  • Our blue-collar verification solutions including worker screening are available, at PAN India for all your hiring needs. 
  • For most companies, compliance, and security of verification platforms is of serious concern. AuthBridge’s Blue-collar screening keeps all regulatory and compliance requirements under check and verifies worker credentials against public databases.


If this interests you, let us connect!

You can write to us at and we can book a quick demo to help you understand how our blue-collar screening solution works to prevent blue-collar crimes.

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