Use of Technology in Blue-Collar Screening

Use of Technology in Blue-Collar Screening

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India’s blue-collar job market witnessed the strongest growth in the first half of 2022, with the falling number of Covid infections, lifting of restrictions, and a pickup in economic activity. Due to the higher demand for manpower, February 2022 clocked more than 1 million active blue-collar jobs, which includes 800,000 new jobs as per an ET survey.
The numbers speak volumes about why businesses today want to verify different aspects of a person’s past faster and safeguard against reputational risks.

Blue-collar employees are an integral part of the workforce to run critical processes like manufacturing, warehousing, construction, retail, logistics etc. that directly influence the revenues of any organization. That makes thorough blue-collar background verification even more important. Businesses today are heavily investing their resources to evaluate staff in a bias-free and quicker way. This is a significant step to reduce per-hire costs and time-to-hire new blue-collar employees but most importantly to reduce serious reputational risks.
Businesses do want to conduct blue-collar background verification however, it can be a bit challenging for the HR teams. Following up on manual processes can be cumbersome and time-consuming, delaying employee onboarding. How would it be if the entire background screening activity could be automated, ensuring only reliable blue-collar employees are hired with speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency? Different processes could be easily accessed to make informed decisions and set up internal policies to reinforce them too? So, what are the top ways to verify blue-collar employees?


Access to Proprietary Databases for Instant Blue-Collar Verification

With the digitization shift, AuthBridge created the largest proprietary identity, education, and criminal databases in the country to quicken searches and blue-collar employee verification. It leverages the power of AI and deep search algorithms to verify blue-collar hires in real-time, especially in the case of National ID checks and Digital Address Verification.

Automate HR Operations for Streamlined Hiring

With massive blue-collar hiring, it’s time for businesses to get up to speed and expedite background verification. If people’s operations are handed away to automation, it’ll be much easier and faster to conduct blue-collar verification. So, let us understand how AuthBridge’s blue-collar screening solution streamlines extensive hiring.

Top USPs of Blue-Collar Background Screening

1. Reliable, qualitative checks
2. Faster and scalable blue-collar onboarding
3. Driven by new-age technology
4. Multilingual, easy-to-use interface
5. Customisable employee journeys
6. Compliance-driven data security
7. Presence across cities, including Tier 1 and Tier


AuthBridge-powered authentication solutions are simple, tech-driven, and hassle-free. Our consultative approach to blue-collar verification works in sync with your existing processes, to protect against financial and reputational risks. Our blue-collar solution includes delivery boy screening, cab driver verification, food delivery boy verification, courier boy, verification, truck driver verification, and many more.

Types of Background Checks to be included in Blue-Collar Hiring:

1. Identity checks
2. Court records checks
3. Digital address verification
4. Bank account verification

In today’s digital era, it’s inevitable to enable remote, contactless, and real-time background checks to create an authentic ecosystem of ‘go-to’ candidates to fit the right blue-collar jobs.

End-to-End Employee Onboarding Journeys

Recruiting and managing a huge blue-collar workforce is prone to human errors. With most blue-collar workers belonging to different locations, it’s difficult to track their location and credentials. This can lead to inaccurate and faulty hiring decisions. But now, it’s possible to digitally verify and onboard blue-collar employees at scale using data-driven techniques. Our background checks help eliminate blue-collar fraud by furnishing accurate reports about every hire. We use an advanced tech-based, consultative approach to create a seamless, and scalable model to verify and onboard blue-collar quickly.

Get started with AuthBridge’s tech-driven 360-degree blue-collar screening solution today. You can also contact us for a demo at

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