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Employee Background Verification (BGV) Companies in Hyderabad

Aug 22, 2022

What Makes AuthBridge Leading Background Verification Company serving in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the home to few unique, promising, and scalable start-ups which have the potential to be among the top companies in the nation. It has been ranked high to live and work across the country. Keeping this in mind, several new companies are spreading their wings into Hyderabad. There are several BGV companies in Hyderabad but the one which weighs on technology works best. AuthBridge is a tech-driven background verification company in Hyderabad that helps fast paced companies to hire employees instantly, while protecting from risks of fraud. These risks can slow down growth, lead to irreversible mistakes, consume more resources than required, lead to wastage of time & effort, etc, so many companies in Hyderabad conduct Employee Background verification on their employees before onboarding them.

AuthBridge offers a wide range of background screening offerings for the hiring suite, from white-collar screening, blue-collar screening, to leadership due diligence. Our Background Verification services cater to all kinds of clients -large, small, or medium local, or global. Background checks help companies to verify and validate the past records, educational, employment and sometimes criminal/civil records of employees. We offer credit verification services using robust proprietary databases and AI/ML technologies that helps filter out individuals with a suspicious financial standing. It’s largely believed that candidates who have not wisely kept their finances may not be able to do it in the future as well, thereby reflecting a dubious financial background. AuthBridge enables trust into its clients by offering database driven credit reports to reduce probabilities of employee fraud.

How AuthBridge relies on technology for instant, candidate-first background screening?

AuthBridge employee background screening is conducted to ensure only candidates who tell the truth on their resume are hired. It is an important step to weed out negative elements that can cause harm like income losses and reputational damage to the organisation with their fraudulent activities. We conduct background checks for employees at ease, scale, and speed with our digital, candidate-first employee screening solutions to fit the new world of work. Be it instant ID checks, education verification, reference checks via whatsapp, digital address verification for employees. Automation, easy integration, and data security powers our employee verification and onboarding solutions at every step of the way. Technologies like optical character recognition (OCR), image recognition, face match, document classification, digital signatures help to save time and increase cost efficiency for the HR teams.

Our Range of Employee Screening Services in Hyderabad and other cities include:

Importance of Background Verification Services in Hyderabad

A recent study reported that nearly 40% of the resumes submitted by candidates contain fake information. Therefore, many companies in Hyderabad conduct BGV processes on their potential candidates.
Our authentication technology is eventually getting noticed and picked up pace in the southern part of India. We are amongst the best background check companies in Hyderabad today. Our employee screening solutions are largely preferred by corporates who’ve been aggressively hiring. Companies prefer to partner with AuthBridge for their background verification needs. It saves huge costs of criminal activities and fraud in your companies by making a small investment. We understand the challenges faced by an HR at the time of hiring genuine candidates.

Are you looking for the best background screening company in Hyderabad?

As a background screening company, we believe in delivering Employee-Driven Experience Powered by AI to give real-time results to our clients. And for over 16 years now, we have been focussed on fast and accurate verification reports. Nowadays, employee background checks are super critical, which is why companies in Hyderabad opt for background check services powered by AuthBridge to build a crime-free workplace by combating hiring risks and make informed decisions. We offer Tech-Enabled Employee Verification Solutions for 10X faster onboarding experience in a fast, effective, seamless manner.

AuthBridge is the largest Background Verification Company in India. To know more, email us at or share your details on our Contact Us page.