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Validate proven track records of C-level executives, evaluate competence, credibility and operational integrity of leaders, and get in-depth feedback from professional references with AuthLead™ – our specialised product for leadership screening that helps your organisation onboard senior leaders who are culturally fit and aligned to your organisation.

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Build a solid leadership that promotes authenticity

With AuthLead™ you get a 360-degree evaluation of the individual’s competence, credibility and character helping you know your leaders’ track records and validate their identity, professional behaviour and integrity. AuthLead™ is our advanced leadership screening product that provides a competency map that is easy to draw conclusions from thus helping you build a solid leadership that promotes productivity and authenticity.

Ease out the load on your HR team

Built on AI and ML technologies, AuthLead™ scans web and media repositories for any possible media coverage of C-suite executives, including CEOs, CXOs and CFOs. It scans for identifying any past involvement in unethical practices, disciplinary misconduct, compromised work ethics and a positive criminal record using India’s largest public and proprietary databases. Organisations can benefit from an in-depth and detailed verification using AuthLead™ thus easing out the load on HR teams.

Get detailed reports with insights, in-depth feedback from references

AuthLead™ provides you with highly customisable workflows, competency maps of individuals and gathers personalised, in-depth feedback from professional references so that you can rest assured you are hiring only validated and screened professional leaders for your organisation, promoting efficiency and productivity in the long run. Get instant detailed reports along with professional insights for each individual case helping you onboard leaders much faster, helping you save onboarding time by up to 70%.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is the difference between a traditional background verification and AuthLead™?

    AuthLead™ makes use of more in-depth research techniques, both primary (telephonic or field interviews) and secondary (digital) for a 360-degree exhaustive check as the C-suite employees can have a direct impact on a company’s reputation.

  • What is the turnaround time for the completion of verification?

    Turnaround time depends on the scope of work. The verification is completed by a mutually agreed upon time, at the time of signing the contract.

  • How to prevent your company from management level frauds?

    The management or leadership level frauds can be avoided by conducting a thorough leadership screening on a wide range of parameters of a leader’s identity, profile and behaviour before bringing them on board. The important checks to be conducted can include Education Check, Global Criminal Record Database Check, India Reputational Risk Database Check, Advanced Reference Check and Web and Media Check.

  • What type of risks are involved if you hire a wrong leadership team?

    The risks associated with a wrong leadership hiring have far-reaching consequences. A reputationally hit leader can exploit financial resources of an organisation, pose operational risks as they have a direct influence over crucial operating units. An incompetent or ill-intended leader can also land an organisation on the wrong side of the law by overruling compliance and regulatory guidelines, consciously or subconsciously. The damage to the brand image by an incident involving a leader can be immense and irreparable.

  • What are the checks involved in leadership due diligence?

    Some of the most common checks performed during leadership due diligence are Employment Verification, Education Verification, Comprehensive Criminal Record Database Check, Reference Check (Advanced), Reputational Risk Database Check, Credit History Check, Global Database Check, Web and Media Check and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screening.

  • Is PEP screening a part of Leadership Due Diligence?

    PEP or Politically Exposed Persons screening is an essential part of leadership due diligence as leaders are capable of wielding direct/indirect influence over organisations they are associated with due to their connections to positions of power. Due to informal relationship of PEPs with each other in India, it becomes significant to identify them while hiring and making an informed decision while onboarding.

  • What is the TAT for Leadership Due Diligence?

    Leadership Due Diligence is a thorough assessment of leadership candidates that can take time. However, at AuthBridge, we have reduced the TAT for leadership screening to a great extent. We Home > Products > Onboarding & Verification > AuthLead perform the basic screening in about 10-15 days whereas enhanced screening can be conducted in 14-20 days (depending on the scope of geography, it may exceed).

  • When to conduct Leadership Due Diligence?

    Ideally, Leadership Due Diligence should be conducted before hiring a leader to a critical position in an organisation. However, some organisations also perform leadership due diligence after a leader has been brought onboard.

  • Why should you conduct Management Due Diligence?

    Management or Leadership Due Diligence should be conducted to mitigate potential financial risks from a leader to an organisation. These risks could be financial, legal, operational, compliance or human resources related. When you conduct management due diligence, you can assess leaders against a range of checks that validate identity, profile, and behaviour.

  • What are the types of report you cover in Leadership Due Diligence?

    We offer a Basic report with a TAT of 10-15 days. This report covers Employment, Reference, Identity, Court Record Database checks, etc. Our Enhanced report has a TAT of 14-20 days and covers basic checks along with Address, Education, Credit Default along with competency mapping, career progression checks, etc.

  • Can I get informed about change in company director details?

    Yes, the Enhanced report can be customised as per customer’s requirements to inform changes in the company’s directorship changes.

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