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Customer Onboarding

Enhance your customer experience with end-to-end digital onboarding journeys requiring zero paperwork and enabling 10x faster service activation. Our AI-powered onboarding products, built on intelligent facial recognition and liveness detection technologies, are RBI-compliant and can help you onboard customers at scale seamlessly.

customer onboarding services

Vendor Onboarding

Our verification technology leverages the power of AI-driven insights on identity, legal, financial, operational and reputational aspects of vendor partners, accelerating your business decisions while reducing operational costs. Our vendor onboarding technology makes it possible to catch any discrepancies before onboarding vendors, preventing you from partnering with a fraudulent entities, thus securing you from massive reputational and financial risks.

Digital Documentation e-sign

SignDrive is our automated, cloud-based digital signing product that lets you upload, sign, submit and manage documents digitally. SignDrive enables multiple users to electronically sign documents on a cloud-based storage while giving you complete control and transparency. SignDrive combines Electronic Signatures, Digital Signatures, Automated Workflows, Authentication Services, Identity Management, Document Management, Document Tracking and Storage – all in a single design-led platform that can also be integrated with existing digital capabilities of any enterprise.

Corporate & Business Intelligence

Eliminate cumbersome vendor onboarding processes and paperwork, reduce operational costs and onboard all the stakeholders while remaining compliant with our advanced verification technology that helps you onboard verified vendors, franchisees, distributors, and all the stakeholders digitally.

Post Empanelment Risk Watch

AuthAssure – our post-empanelment risk mitigation product keeps a diligent watch on your investments throughout their lifecycle. Powered by CorpVeda™, our insight-driven business intelligence platform, AuthAssure™ delivers comprehensive, data-driven business research and gives in-depth insights on your investments. Use these insights to identify inconspicuous changes in risk parameters and assessment of growth drivers.