Identify the various ‘Colors’ of your Hire this Holi!

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Holi-the festival of colors- is celebrated and embraced with a lot of fervor and vibes, irrespective of their religious or cultural beliefs. Holi, a synonym for ‘cheerfulness’, transcends the socio-religious and cultural boundaries. Holi brings people closer for they all share the same sense, the same idea of communal happiness. Sharing happiness is like cultivating the idea of ‘what goes around, comes around’. While HR professionals across businesses will be busy ensuring employee engagement during this festivity, they are also working round the clock to ensure workplace security, engagement and performance.

A lot of their time goes into ensuring that the work ambience is conducive and motivating. This calls for hiring quality talent- one with the right skills and attitude, which means that the HR needs to identify all colors of an individual’s personality to be able to zero into that one individual who is the right fit! In 2017, 15% candidates lied on their resume, the maximum discrepancy being produced in employment related information. This means candidates lied about their previous employment tenure and references the most, apart from faking their education, address, identity and other details. To manage the changing dynamics of new age workforce and create high potential employees, many companies in the West incorporated the idea of background screening in their HR policies.


Background Screening for identifying the true colors

With background checks, HR personnel across businesses evaluate and validate identity, profile and reputation of their prospective hires! Some of the key background checks which help in identifying the true colors of hires are as under: (You can read about all background checks here)


State of Background Screening: Present and the Future

Background verification as an idea is still facing a hard time to witness widespread adoption in India. This is primarily because the HR function still perceives this as a cost and not an investment. However, the background verification discussion is now becoming a boardroom level discussion.

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To build a sustainable long-term HR strategy, and adapt to the demands of a constantly evolving corporate world, companies need to weed out dishonest employees and formulate thorough background screening techniques/processes and policies, which stops the dishonest job seekers to bypass the system. A recent survey found out that nearly 80% of the Engineering graduates in India don’t possess the skills to join the job industry and a by-product of this inept education system is fake resumes. Potential job seekers lie on their resumes about their employment history or educational qualifications to make them look more appealing to fit the job description. A comprehensive background screening program helps companies to see through their resumes.

Background verification platforms and providers empower corporations to recruit the talent whose integrity cannot be doubted and who will be an asset to the company’s growth and future. Today, as businesses are growing digital and remote workforce is being created, HR is facing the challenge of verifying people who they have not met face to face. Moreover, to match growth ambitions, they are increasingly face with the challenge of recruiting resources faster.

This calls for instant background verifications. Use of technology and APIs and creation of distributed databases have made this dream a reality. Background Verification companies in India are now delivering TrustOnDemand services with on the fly verification results. There is a constant demand to adapt to this continuously evolving world while strategizing and accelerating their growth. Background Verification can empower these corporations to formulate a comprehensive HR policy which will help them in building a team of high potential employees, ensuring the long term sustainability of their organisation.

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