How Does An Ex-Employee Repository Ease Out Employment Verification?

How Does An Ex-Employee Repository Ease Out Employment Verification_

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Employment verification is a necessary and vital part of any hiring process. It helps companies make the right hiring choices by enabling them to conduct comprehensive pre-employment verification on their candidates. One way to make the process of employment verification faster and enable it to deliver more reliable results is through exit employee data. Especially in our economy today, where the quality of the workforce is becoming more nuanced than ever, accurate employment verification is a critical process for any organization’s hiring process.

At AuthBridge, we understand this need for a reliable product that would enable simple, yet comprehensive and reliable employment verification through exit employee data. That is why we have developed WorkAttest, a secure, fully automated, and web-based platform where background verification companies can cross-check exit employee data so as to be able to effectively manage and respond accurately to employee verification requests.


How WorkAttest serves as a repository for ex-employee verification?

WorkAttest acts as an exhaustive database for exit employee data in a way that is easily accessible for organisations. The fact that it is entirely automated makes it extremely time-saving while being able to deliver accurate results. Before the age of software as a service, a lot of the database management and managerial tasks were manual. One can imagine how difficult this must have made the job of employee verification and maintaining exit employee data. Moreover, manually going over and analysing huge chunks of exit employee data to draw conclusions can be a daunting task.

However, thanks to modern database management software, AI and data analytics, this task has been greatly streamlined. Let us explain it with a simple and easy to understand example. Suppose an employee leaves X Company for a new job at Y company. As is the norm in various industries and organizations, Y company seeks the help of a background verification company to conduct an employment verification on the employee. If X Company (the ex-employer) has uploaded the as uploaded the mandatory details of their ex-employee on WorkAttest, then all the background verification company has to do is go to the WorkAttest portal, and cross-check the information provided with the one available on the platform. In such a way, exit employee data can ease the process of employee verification.

In addition to facilitating the process of employment verification, WorkAttest also gathers data from Y company, that is the new company, and sends valuable exit employee analytics to X Company, that is the previous company. This way, ex-employers are also relieved from having to handle all kinds of employee verification requests and respond to them.

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Benefits of WorkAttest

Instead of investing in their own employee verification team, it is more cost-effective and efficient for companies to hire third-party verification services. There are numerous such services available in the market today that employ the latest technologies like automated software and cloud-based database to enhance their verification accuracy and speed.

WorkAttest is one of the leading providers of such employment verification services. They provide an online platform that is secure from any cyber threats and dashboard features for quick screening of candidates. It also provides real-time tracking of employment verification requests. In addition, a complete audit trail is available anytime from anywhere. To know more, book an appointment with our expert today.

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