How sure are you that your candidate isn’t lying about his address?

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Address of a person is probably the only antecedent that can easily be faked. The employer may or may not consider it to be important while verifying other aspects of the candidate. But today, fake addresses are increasingly being used to hide past criminal patches. 15% of candidates were found out to be providing incorrect previous address as per a survey. Address verification is an important component of background verification because it substantiates one important aspect of a potential employee’s identity.

It is no surprise to think that candidates resort to all possible means to grab hefty jobs, especially the ones who’ve had a criminal background linked to their previous address and work towards creating a brand new image. Sometimes, these candidates get away easy due to the slackened approach in address verification. A thorough address verification will make sure only genuine and identifiable individuals. Address verification has been lately gaining significance due to some prominent terrorist action, and the benefits will clearly underline the need to hire carefully with all necessary checks in place. An accurate address facilitates smooth communication between the company and its employees. It helps in tracking candidates in cases of absenteeism, disciplinary issues, or other violations. An address verification will also support criminal history check of the individual. We at AuthBridge, conduct physical visits to the candidate’s current or permanent address in robust fashion. Our address verification process assures you to provide you with candidates with a crime-free past and clean identity. The idea behind this screening solution is to build resistances against false identities and fictitious addresses. In fact, any doubts can be warded off with an exhaustive background screening activity.

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