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Is your senior level hire unfit for the coveted position?

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‘Two senior staff members of HSBC Saudi Arabia were found out to be hired with unaccredited degrees’, a Channel 4 News investigation finds out. This revelation is simply shocking! A candidate should be questioned on the validity of his degree and credentials .

The brunt of unaccredited degrees is such that it could be borne by the company in the longer run. Hiring referred candidates is a convenient way out, but definitely not the most guaranteed one. Reputation of a candidate could be built upon good work and performance and has very little to do with his hidden truths.

These truths can be found after a thorough background check including education check. Education being the most basic of all checks. Precisely, it helps to authenticate big academic claims by the candidate. The big question is how many companies think that senior hires should be screened differently? Screening infuses some level of confidence into the employers at the time of hiring. A 360 degree background verification encompassing complete due diligence of the candidate’s background could be great.

As much as an organization finds it difficult to predict falsehoods, screening can definitely ensure that a senior level hire with unaccredited degrees is not hired. An executive due diligence on the senior hire helps to know their past glitches

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