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WorkAttest - Automate your ex-employee processes

WorkAttest™ is a web-based platform powered by highly secure anti-tamper technology, which completely automates the process of ex-employment verification for employers across industries. Your HR team needs to ensure feeding in the ex-employee data like work tenure, profile, exit interview forms, etc. into the web platform and WorkAttest™ will respond to future verification requests on your behalf, instantly and efficiently.

Lower manhours cost, reduced overheads

WorkAttest™ completely automates the process of ex-employee verification. This means, once your HR team uploads ex-employee data, WorkAttest™ responds to future verification requests with faster turnaround time, saving your precious manhours for more productive work. WorkAttest™ also carries out real-time tracking of any incoming requests while giving you full visibility over the audit trails. Lowered manpower costs also lead to reduced overheads and improved productivity.

Intelligent algorithms, intuitive dashboards, instant searches

WorkAttest™ improves efficiency in ex-employment verification owing to automation and reduction in manual errors. Its intelligent algorithms deliver instant and accurate searches. WorkAttest™ comes with customisable reporting and intuitive dashboards for easy management of employee information and allows better delegation with its multiple user access feature.

Get comprehensive data analytics and insights on attrition rates

WorkAttest™ gives you advanced data analytics that offer insights on your organisation’s attrition and ex-employee movement. This can be a powerful competitive advantage for your organisation for attrition management. Automating your ex-employee verification process can also help build and enhance your tech identity as an employer.

How WorkAttest™ Works

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • Who should use this product?

    Employers from across industries can use WorkAttest™ to contribute/verify employee data.

  • Why should I share my data?

    Sharing your data will help you save time and efforts related to incoming verification requests. You can also benefit from the advanced analytics on your attrition trends.

  • What are the security features enabled on WorkAttest™?

    WorkAttest™ data is maintained across highly secure servers and varying levels of access is enabled. Provisions for SSL encryption, vulnerability assessments, user security and more have been made. WorkAttest™ is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security

  • Can I view and download the ex-employee data?

    Yes, you can view as well as download the detailed data on the movement of your ex-employees. The details will include new role, new company, industry amongst other parameters.

  • Which data fields will I be required to share?

    WorkAttest™ asks for basic information like individual’s name, DOB, Date of Joining, Position held/Designation, Date of Leaving and related information, which all background verification companies require to conduct basic screening. Contributors do not share any other additional information.

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