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Mitigate risks to your business from current employees

Post employment risk watch – AuthXtend™. Continuous background check product that periodically verifies your current workforce by authenticating their personal and professional records, address, education, and related details. It is a valuable fraud prevention asset that can enable safer workplaces and protect employers against potential risks through active risk mitigation for all stakeholders of your business – employees, customers, and business partners.


Verify employees while they are on the job

AuthXtend™ keeps a check on internal risks by regularly screening your current workforce.

Access to instant data, detailed reporting, and insights

AuthXtend™ offers a fully automated verification process providing accurate background checks with detailed reporting and insights that are easily comprehendible for decision making. AuthXtend™ monitors employee records in real-time and raises any red flags to employees, customers, or business partners about any security concern or internal threat.

In-built data security measures in compliant with global standards

W understand the importance of data privacy, hence we have made our verification processes discreet and confidential to safeguard sensitive user and client data. We have stringent data security policies in practice to keep our current employees compliant with the verification policy throughout employment. Our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards.

Deters employee frauds actively and re-establishes trust across the organisation

AuthXtend™ helps in catching employee frauds right at the door to ensure stability in The organisation and re-establish trust across all levels – blue-collar employees, white-collar employees, and leadership. Through periodic checks, you can stay informed about any changes in employee profiles and make an informed decision about their promotions or salary structures. Additionally, during a transformation period such as an Acquisition or Joint Venture, AuthXtend™ keeps a check on the new joiners that may risk organization’s reputation and businesses.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • How important is periodic background screening?

    Periodic background screening is crucial to avoid risks an employee may pose to an organisation due to non-disclosure of change in dynamic parameters of his life such as criminal records, address details, employment history.

  • What is the difference between a traditional background verification and AuthXtend™?

    While traditional background verification is done at the time of joining, AuthXtend™ is a periodic background screening which can be conducted with approval from employees at regular intervals during the employment.

  • Is it only for white-collar employees or blue-collar employees?

    AuthXtend™ is recommended for all employees - C-Suite, White-collar, blue-collar, grey-collar, and contractual workers to assess any changes in their profile.

  • What is the recommended duration for taking up AuthXtend™?

    AuthXtend™ can be deployed as per an organisation’s needs and nature of business. Businesses that deal with sensitive data or have customer-facing employees are recommended a shorter duration. However, an ideal duration for such a check is one year.

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