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Post Empanelment Risk Watch

Watch your investments diligently for their lifetime without going through the hassle of continued research and upkeep with our Post Empanelment Risk Watch product – AuthAssure™. You can benefit from the in-built intelligence of CorpVeda™, our data-driven business intelligence platform that powers AuthAssure™, for a consistent, comprehensive research and in-depth insights into your investments. AuthAssure identifies any inconspicuous changes in risk parameters and provides a keen assessment of growth drivers.

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AI to make your investments safe

Mitigate risks on your investment by keeping a close eye on them throughout their lifecycle

Customisable client-end processes and in-depth reporting

AuthAssure helps you make sound investments decisions with support from insight-driven due diligence by CorpVeda - our business intelligence platform powered by AI and deep search algorithms. The robust and highly customisable end-to-end processes suit specific needs of all kinds of organisations – enterprise, SMBs or large corporations. Timely and recurring investment risk analysis helps you identify changes quickly to make more informed decisions.

Built on proprietary litigation and regulatory record-matching algorithms

Access original corporate filings and innumerable reference sources including public domain, subscribed databases, hard to find public records, sourced inquiries with industry experts with the help of proprietary litigation and regulatory record-matching algorithms. This ensures informed, secure, and compliant financial decision making.

A detailed profiling of directors and stakeholders

Get a 360-degree profiling of company directors and shareholders, including social media and web checks, to identify any red flags on their reputation and credibility with Post Empanelment Risk Watch. This helps you in ensuring your invested funds do not go into wrong hands and preventing unethical use of your funds for any possible criminal practices or financial frauds.

Key Due Diligence Parameters

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Company Vitals

CIN, incorporation details, registered address, authorised/paid-up capital and more details

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A charge by a company on its assets and properties in favour of a financial institution

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Director Credential

Present and past directorship details of the company

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Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, capital structure, financial ratios, and more details

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Shareholders and shares held by them

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Risk & Compliance

Credit default, criminal and civil records, bankruptcy filings against the company and its directors

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Related Entities

Details of other businesses related to a company - holding companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, stakes, etc.

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Annual Reports, charge documents, financial statements, and more basis the MCA database

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Validation of a legally differentiating insignia, phrase, or symbol owned by an organisation

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Web and Media Search

Web and media mention under the name of an organisation, its directors and top management

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India-Crime Watch List

A criminal record check for a company or its key stakeholders with the state police, CBI, Interpol, WCCB, NIA, etc.

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Regulatory, Compliance and Debarment Database

A global database search against key stakeholders to identify financial crime history

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India -Reputational Risk Database Check

Search for an entity or key stakeholders in Indian regulatory databases- SEBI, RBI, MCA, BSE, RBI, NSE, etc.

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FAQs for the ever curious

  • What is the difference between Investment Due Diligence & Post-Investment Due Diligence?

    Investment Due Diligence is conducted to check the credentials and reputation of an entity before taking an investment decision. Post Investment Due Diligence is conducted to keep a check on investments and identify any inconspicuous changes in risk parameters.

  • Who can use the AuthAssure?

    AuthAssure is beneficial for clients in Private equity, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, auditors, due diligence service providers, and financing Joint ventures, etc.

  • How frequently should I conduct Post Investment Risk Watch?

    It completely depends on the client’s need to conduct due diligence in the invested entity. Our 360- degree corporate intelligence platform - CorpVeda™- can be used for entity monitoring and reporting as per the frequency and timings of updates to help you keep a close watch on your investments.

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